Tasting Notes October to December Cider Box


Our October Cider box is packed full of delicious ciders with authentic flavours and interesting stories. For more information on the ciders that are in your box this month, have a read through the tasting notes below. 


This month’s top pick: 

1.Perry’s Redstreak - ABV 6.1%

A Single variety Cider fermented using a selection of wild and champagne yeasts to create a wonderfully refreshing crisp cider. Perry’s Redstreak is winner of the Arthur Davis Cup, Supreme Champion at the British Cider Championships 2019, as well as a Great Taste Award. Redstreak cider is a wonderful crisp medium cider, lightly sparkling with a full apple taste and lingering finish. The Redstreak apples are grown exclusively at the Perry’s Knowle St Giles Orchard in Somerset. 


2. Perry’s Dabinett - ABV 5.6%

A single variety medium sweet cider, Perry’s Dabinett uses the apple’s own yeasts to ensure a slow and cold fermentation resulting in a well-balanced cider with a soft astringency and full bodied flavour. This lightly sparkling cider has also won a Great Taste Award. 


3. Pulpt Flare - ABV 4.9%

Based in Hewish, Somerset, Pulpt markets itself as the cider for curious drinkers. Their Flare cider is a gently sparkling bittersweet and bittersharp blend featuring Chisel Jersey. A sweeter cider balanced with acidity and subtle tannins. These guys are all about quality and capturing the best in traditional cider making methods while giving their ciders a modern twist. 


4. Dunkertons Premium Reserve Cider 6.8%

Dunkertons pride themselves on their organic cider and their Premium Reserve is both premium by name and premium by nature. They use champagne yeast and champagne-esque levels of carbonation to further accentuate the rich apple flavours and aromas. It is a hand crafted blend of up to 14 cider apple varieties, creating what we think is a deliciously fruity flavour and we’re not the only ones. Dunkertons Premium Reserve Organic cider won a silver medal in the 'Sparkling Cider' category at the World Cider Awards 2019.


5. Sassy Cider Rosé - ABV 3%

Sassy Rosé has been lovingly created by two young Frenchmen and childhood friends Xavier d’Audiffret Pasquier and Pierre-Emmanuel Racine-Jourden. In looking to revolutionise traditional Normandy cider they have blended eighteen varieties of apple grown organically in the Château de Sassy’s orchards; this is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks on the market and the cider gets its distinct colour from the pink flesh of the Geneva Crab apple. The resulting cider is clean and sophisticated, a far cry from the funky flavours of traditional Normandy Cider. 


6. Hewletts Mill Stone Broke - ABV 5.4% 

The warmth and sunshine of the 2018 summer has resulted in a light bright and refreshing cider with a lovely burst of crisp apple flavour and balance of sweetness, acidity and gentle tannin. Hewletts Mill Stone Broke is a blend of local Somerset bittersweet cider apples; Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey and Dabinett that have been fermented slowly in cold storage to transform the acidity and develop those crisp apple notes. 


To be in with a chance to win a FREE box, don't forget to share pics of your favourite ciders via Instagram & Twitter adding #snapmycider.



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