The Ultimate Craft Cider Advent Calendar - Tasting Notes– Crafty Nectar

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The Ultimate Craft Cider Advent Calendar - Tasting Notes

Welcome to the Ultimate Craft Cider Advent Calendar 2020 Tasting notes, here you will find a brief intro to the cider and the cider makers themselve.
We hope you enjoy each of the unique tasting ciders and have a very Merry Christmas.

1. The Newt No.1 Kingston Black 7.4% ABV

The Newt Cider
Around the time that Hadspen House (now the Newt) was built, the finest quality cyders were preferred to champagne by sniffy Somerset gentry who knew their tipple. The Newts cyders are made with 100% apple juice, using a state-of-the-art Cyder Press and Cyder Cellar, and advanced cold-press processes.
Known as the “King of the Cyder Apples”, the Kingston Black apple produces the perfect bitter-sharp juice for delectable single-variety cyder. The juice is first cold-fermented until nearly dry, to create a strong, flavoursome cyder with floral notes.

2. Severn Cider Medium 5.8% ABV

Severn Cider Medium
Severn Cider are multi award winning artisan cider and perry makers.
They make whole juice draught and bottled ciders and perry using locally grown apples and pears.
 Since 1956 they have been making cider at their family home and now cider mill. Set within 4 acres of heritage orchards and established gardens, we are situated on the banks of the River Severn in Awre, the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

3. Pulpt Cider Day - Pulpt and Flare

Pulpt Cider

Working together in the corporate world, Jim and Al hatched their escape route over lunch… With a love for real cider, they watched the excitement of the craft beer revolution and felt we had to do something. So they set about creating real ciders for the generation of drinkers who give a shit. PULPT was born – an independent craft cider-maker that exploits the best cidermaking techniques, using modern equipment and a flair for experimenting. Their aim is to give everyone the best cider experience possible.

FLARE is a gently sparkling bittersweet and bittersharp blend featuring Chisel Jersey. A sweeter cider balanced with acidity and subtle tannins.

LEVEL boasts a blend predominantly featuring four classic Somerset cider apples, ensuring a medium dry, gently sparkling, rounded cider with a full, satisfying finish.

4. Perrys Barn Owl 5.5% ABV

Perrys Barnowl Farmhouse Cider

Perrys Philosophy is to drink better, it's all about taking the very best apples and turning them into naturally delicious and complex ciders.  That's why they care as much about what doesn't go into their ciders as what does.

They choose not to add crazy flavours such as Mango and Pineapple, in fact if it hasn't seen a Somerset orchard it's not going in.  They also refuse to add concentrated juices, flavours and colourings.

That's why all their ciders are naturally fermented using only Somerset apples, small batch techniques, 100% juice and nearly 100 years of know-how all on one site.

Barn Owl is a crisp refreshing cider combining natural ferments, wild yeasts and traditional apple varieties.

5. Colcombe House Willie Gun Cider 5.3% ABV

Colcombe House Cider

In 2012, Colcombe House started blending apple varieties with the aim to  create artisan cider for the more astute cider drinker.

By only selecting the finest apples from their orchards they were able to produce wonderful Premium, Craft ‘Single Estate’ Ciders.

The quality of our cider isn’t by chance they have worked hour after hour, day after day mixing, fermenting and tasting, then recording. 

In the summer of 2013  they released their first cider; Rolling Rocks, a limited edition premium cider which sold out by the Autumn!

Willie Gun Cider is a full bodied, premium Herefordshire style cider with deep caramel flavours from a blend of traditional cider apple varieties.

6. Angioletti Mela Rossa Italian Craft Cider 5% ABV

Angioletti Mela Rossa Cider

Made, in the pretty village of Tres, in Trentino, North-Eastern Itay. A family owned business, the company was founded in 1994 by Alberto and his wife Lucia.

Mela Rossa is kade from 100% Italian apple juice, pre-dominantly red-skinned varieties, this cider is crisp and fresh, with crunchy apple flavours and a refreshing, lightly sparkling style.

7. Crafty Nectar No.7 5.1% ABV

Craft Cider

Crafty Nectar No.7 is the perfect blend of complexity, character and body. Craft sourced by cider lovers! Meet the worlds tastiest cider.....we didn't say it you did.

Made with a mix of Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey, Somerset Redstreak and Yarlington Mill apples, this cider is medium, mellow and sparkling.

8. Crafty Nectar No.8 Rhubarb Cider4% ABV

Rhubarb Cider

Opposites always attract! Yorkshire triangle rhubarb juice, combined with fresh pressed cider. This 100% full juice rhubarb cider that is a harmonious combination of rhubarb and apple. 

Crafty Nectar No.8 rhubarb cider is well balanced, zingy with a subtle rhubarb finish. A magical marriage of sweet and sour. Meet the worlds tastiest fruit cider. We didn't say it - YOU DID!

9. Crafty Nectar No.9 Blackberry and Hibiscus Co-Ferment 4% ABV

Crafty Nectar No.9

We want to make the world's best co-ferment cider. We couldn’t do it alone, so we teamed up with the king of co-ferments Simon Day.(Head Cider Maker at Once Upon a Tree)

No.9 is delicately smooth, bursting with juicy blackberry and vanilla notes.  100% Dabinett juice fermented with fresh Blackberries, infused with Hibiscus leaf. The age old fruit pairing, Apple and Blackberry revitalised by Hibiscus.

10. Wignac Cidre 4% ABV

Wignac Cidre

Directly from Ardennes in northern France, Wignac Cider is low-calorie, gluten and sulphite-free, and is made from natural ingredients and 100% fruit juice.

The company wants to protect biodiversity, create local jobs and revive orchards, and they’re going about it in an artsy, whimsical way. We’re tempted to keep those bottles to decorate our bookshelves, and we bet we’re not the only ones.

Let’s not forget the product, though. Wignac’s Cidre Naturel is light to medium bodied, with clear sweetness from the apples and a hint of caramel. Utterly delicious.

11. Hallets Real Cider 6% ABV

Hallets Cider

Reaching from The Marches in the North and South to Redwickon the flood plain of the Severn; some old farms still have their stone mills now abandoned to history.

Here at Blaengawney Farm Hallets have taken the old traditional methods of cider making from fresh cider apples and applied a new philosophy to our production, stealing a few techniques from wine makers along the way.

You are just as likely to find ciders ageing in ancient oak barrels in our mill,alongside large wine fermenters made from stainless steel.

Hallets Real Cider is made from aged Dabinett cider and blended with the current year’s new cider, is a great drink to enjoy with your favourite artisan cheese or just relax and savour on its own.

12. Stones Cider - Steves Special 

Stones Cider

Stones Cider is a small, artisan cider producer ran by father and son, Alan and Richard Stone from their garden shed in Shepton Mallet, Somerset since 2009.

Steves Special is a sweet cider made from a blend  Britain’s most popular widespread cider varieties, from a new orchard at Hornblotton in central Somerset.  A refreshing drinkable cider

13. Kentish Pip Skylark 5% ABV

Kentish Pip Skylark

This is a new wave of sparkling cider; full to the brim with Kentish dessert apples, this cider keeps you interested with youthful toffee notes. Light carbonation and bitterness balances this effortlessly resulting in a remarkable refreshment.

14. Nova Cider  5.4% ABV

Nova Cider

Having been mentored by Eric Bordelet in Normandy, William Munro Ferguson, our founder, returned to Scotland in 2014 and begun planting his cider orchard on Novar Estate.

Sourcing the trees with the help of John Worle from Somerset, William hand picked twenty-two different varieties of apples to create his own, unique cider blend - grown, pressed and produced on one estate in the Highlands of Scotland.  

Tannins are a key component to their blend and they give NØVAR its unique dark amber colour. The cooler climate in Scotland allows for the slow growth of the apples, which helps the skins to develop genuinely unique flavours - akin to burnt caramel, honey, lemons, and violets. 

15. Beard and Sabre Dolores 4% ABV  

Beard and Sabre Hopped Cider

Founded in 2015 it was Beard and Sabre mission to redefine craft cider. Craft beer had a revolution, but why was cider left behind? They set out to craft the best cider by blending specific pressed apple varieties together to untap unique flavour profiles.

This groundbreaking natural merger, combining traditional cider with British hops. Cascade imparts very noticeable pineapple and lychee notes to this smooth drinking, medium, session cider.

16. Colemans Medium Spiced Cider

Colemans Cider

Colemans Cider company was established in 2015 by a group of friends who shared a passion for cider making.

The adventure started in 2009 when Marc, one of the founders of Colemans Cider, bought a Georgian farmhouse with a small garden orchard in Kilham in the beautiful County of Yorkshire.

Having quickly concluded that there are only so many apple pies that family, friends and neighbours can happily enjoy, he along with Sandra, Tess, Steve, Jodie, Stephen, Nickey, Chris and Harmesh began producing small batches of cider for their own enjoyment.

17. Tom Olivers Pomona 6.5% ABV

Tom Olivers Cider 


Oliver's make a selection of fine Herefordshire ciders and perries with an emphasis on "balance" and  "character" coupled with "drinkability". 

Based around the spontaneous ferment of selected varieties of cider apple and perry pear from fruit grown in Herefordshire and the surrounding 3 Counties orchards.

Nominally referred to as "minimal intervention", they strive to "take what the fruit gives", respecting the great heritage and traditions of the past but with an eye to innovating for the future. What that really means is they mill and press great fruit, expose the juice to marauding and hungry wild yeasts and then blend and bottle the resulting ferments.

Dry, lightly sparkling bittersharp cider. Refreshingly satisfying.


18. Tom Olivers Gold Rush 6.5% ABV

Tom Olivers Gold Rush

Gold Rush #8 is the cider making collaboration, between Tom Oliver and Ryan Burk of Angry Orchard, New York.

A full tasting, sparkling 6.5% cider with some residual sweetness, balancing acidity and full-bodied tannins.

Carefully selected vintage bittersweet and sharp cider apples from traditional Herefordshire orchards were slow fermented by wild yeasts in old oak barrels and tanks then, after a malolactic fermentation, in the spring Tom and Ryan once again met up in Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire to blend this bright, rich cider with an ‘apple skins’ nose, spice and oak cask that gives way to a robust taste with a very satisfying finish.

Chill and savour this unique cider with family and friends and celebrate the “family of cidermakers” on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world.


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