Discovery Box Tasting Notes January 2021– Crafty Nectar

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Discovery Box Tasting Notes January 2021

January Discovery Box Tasting Notes 

Welcome to the January Discovery box. As always we’ve picked six great craft ciders for you to taste, let us know what you think using the hashtag #snapmycider




Dunkertons Cider

Dunkertons Breakwells Seedling Organic Cider  

A fragrant and fruity sparkling medium dry cider made exclusively from the Breakwells seedling apple. This apple was first discovered over a century ago at Perthyre Farm, Monmouth. 

Because of its delicious flavour, farmer George Breakwell propagated the seedling and it was later planted in many Herefordshire orchards, including Dunkerton’s own.

Perfectly complements traditional British dishes like sausage & mash, roast pork with apple sauce or semi-hard cheese like a Wyfe of Bath.



Burrow Hill Cider

Burrow Hill Cider - Somerset Cider

For hundreds of years cider has been made at Burrow Hill. Every year the harvest starts when the first of our 40 varieties of apples start to fall. The art and the craft of cider making is blending these apples. At Burrow Hill this is the responsibility of cider makers Julian Temperley and Tim Stoddart who between them have 60 years of experience.

Their Somerset Cider is a refreshing medium-dry sparkling cider that’s a blend of at least eleven varieties of vintage apples.  A moreish, complex and balanced flavour.


Ross on Wye Cider

Ross on Wye Cider and Perry - Headless Man

The Johnson family have been pressing apples and pears at Broome Farm since the 1930s. Today our natural cider is produced in the same traditional way in the unique soil and climate of Herefordshire. 

The cidermaking is pure and simple, using only whole juice, and allowing natural fermentation.

Headless man is a classic, oak cask fermented, medium dry still cider. Made using a blend of apples, sweetened after fermentation and pasteurised. 

A lifetime favourite for many including us a Crafty Nectar.



Bushel and Peck - Disco Nouveau 

Bushel and Peck are a gloucestershire based cider makers. Disco Nouveau is as close to drinking cider straight from the apple as you’re likely to get. Discovery apples from an orchard in Longney and from a garden in Cheltenham were milled and pressed on the 18th August. 

The natural fermentation in early autumn sunshine was complete in less than two weeks and the cider was bottled on 14th September 2020.



Worleys Cider

Worleys Cider - Ren Hen, Beatnik Billy or Rocky Road

Worleys Cider had a humble start, when cider maker Neil Worley started experimenting with apple varieties and blends; fermenting them to dry using natural yeasts. After initially buying fresh juice, they began to find fruit in various small Somerset orchards and gradually started to master the mysterious arts of fruit selection and fermentation.

This attention to selecting the right fruit has always been important at Worleys. They don’t add flavourings to our ciders, yet each cider we make has distinct characteristics, determined by the apple blends we use.

This month you will receive one of either three ciders from their range:

Red Hen: 

A blend of early-season cider apple varieties from some of South Somerset's finest orchards. Freshly pressed juice is fermented under the influence of natural yeasts then slowly matured on the cool slopes of the Mendip Hills. A Medium-Dry, slightly sparkling cider with good tannin and a spicy finish. 

Beatnik Billy:

a cider made from light, sharp juice at ABV 5.5%. This is a Medium Sweet cider, and comes across as an ‘Eastern style’ cider or a white wine. Light and low-ABV, with bags of fruit and mellow balanced sharpness.

Rocky Road:

an easy-going Medium cider with outstanding flavour and good, balanced tannins. A raft of late-season bittersweet apple varieties are blended to make the most of their strengths.



Meon Valley Cider

Meon Valley Cider -  Chalk Stream

Meon Valley Cider produce a range of refreshing award-winning ciders and set up in 2015. They apply traditional methods using 100% British apples typically in an #EastmeetsWest style to produce clean, fruity ciders with a dry tannic finish - delicious!

Eminently quaffable! A golden amber coloured refreshing cider with an appley nose and long dry finish. Well balanced flavour comprising locally sourced Hampshire and Sussex dessert/culinary apples bittersweets and bittersharps from the West Country




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