Discovery Box Tasting Notes September 2020– Crafty Nectar

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Discovery Box Tasting Notes September 2020

September Discovery Box Tasting Notes 

Welcome to the September Discovery box. As always we’ve picked six great craft ciders for you to taste, let us know what you think using the hashtag #snapmycider


Broadway Press, Original Ice Cyder - 6% ABV


Broadway Press are a cotswold based cyder maker, they take grade 2 apples, (those that didn’t quite make the cut for the supermarkets) and give them a purpose in life. That purpose is great cyder and Broadway Press are definitely some of the good guys, doing their bit to stop food waste in this county. 

This is one smart cyder, made using a cryo-extraction process whereby the apple juice is frozen to separate the flavours and waters and what is left is an award winning delicious cyder. Broadway Press original ice cyder is made from dessert apples that result in a crisp and fruity and ultra smooth cyder. As the name suggests, serve ice cold to make the most of this clean and delicious cyder. 


Crafty Nectar No.9 - 4% ABV

As nomadic cider makers, we’ve done it again and teamed up with some of the best in the business. No. 9 is a collaboration with the legends at Once Upon A Tree. With a little help from the co-ferment king Simon Day, we bring you a blackberry and hibiscus co-ferment cider. This lightly sparkling cider is made from 100% dabinett apple juice and fermented fresh blackberries. Prepare for notes of vanilla and just a hint of hibiscus leaf. The result is a delicate and smooth finish.


Luke’s Cider, Third Batch - 6.2 % ABV

Third batch is the latest edition to the Luke’s Cider trilogy. Luke’s cider uses 100% cider apple juice that is harvested and pressed in the autumn and allowed to ferment for a full twelve months before being canned in one unique batch, one vintage of pure cider goodness. Third batch is a medium dry cider with a light sparkle. It has a long finish with notes of oak peppering the tongue, a complex cider whose punchy taste is both delicious and daring. 


Bushel + Peck, Rich & Mellow - 6% ABV

From Gloucestershire cider makers Bushel + Peck we bring you Rich & Mellow. A west country cider dominated by the traditional flavours of Yarlington Mill and Dabinett apples, Bushel + Peck harvest from traditional and unsprayed orchards. This is a medium dry cider, well rounded and characterful with subtle tannins to give a balanced finish.


Pulpt Cider, Flare - 4.9%ABV

Pioneering cider makers Pulpt have made a commitment to cutting edge technology and only the best Somerset apples. The flavour of their Flare cider is unbeatable with a perfect blend of bittersweet and bittersharp apples. The key flavour of Chisel Jersey apples gives way to a sweeter cider that perfectly balances acidity and tannins. This is some quality cider.


Hewletts Mill, Stone Broke - 5.4% ABV

Back with a rebrand, and the 2019 vintage we have included Hewletts Mill Stone Broke. You may remember the 2018 vintage crafted from the warmth and sunshine of a long hot summer which created a light, bright and refreshing cider. 2019 is lighter still and more straw coloured than its predecessor. It maintains the lovely balance of sweetness and acidity this is a refreshing and easy drinking cider. The local provenance of the apples is evident in each sip through the perfect blend of Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey and Dabinett apples. 

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