Ridge & Furrow Medium Cider - 12 x 500ml– Crafty Nectar
Product image 1Ridge & Furrow Medium Cider - 12 x 500ml
Product image 2Ridge & Furrow Medium Cider - 12 x 500ml

Ridge & Furrow Medium Cider - 12 x 500ml

Taste of the West Gold 2020

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Taste of the West Gold 2020. Supreme Champion - Devon County Show 2019.


Ridge & Furrow Medium is an unfiltered fresh lightly sparkling Devon craft cider, made in small batches from 100% cider apple juice from our own wildlife friendly ridge and furrow orchard.


It is handcrafted using the artisan method of 'arrested fermentation' induced by multiple rackings and aided by using apples from a mature unfertilised orchard. This ensures a gentle fermentation, which produces a well-balanced cider that retains some of the natural sweetness of the traditional cider apples alongside the tannins.


No water or sugar is added, and as a result the ABV of each batch will depend on the sugar levels of the apples at harvest.

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