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Beer & Cider Academy: Pommelier

The ultimate accolade in cider advocacy, this qualification is the culmination of months of classroom and personal cider learning

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The ultimate accolade in cider advocacy, this qualification is the culmination of months of classroom and personal cider learning. This qualification offers recognition of a significant depth of knowledge of cider styles, category segmentation, cider & food matching opportunities, sensory analysis, off-flavour identification and judgingmethodologies.

You will become an ambassador with the knowledge, communication skills and, most importantly, the passion to inspire people to discover, respect and enjoy this revered beverage.

The Pommelier assessment has two core components: 

Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) (see full guidance document by clicking here)

Candidates must spend a period of time creating a Portfolio of Evidence
(PoE) that demonstrates their practical competence. The PoE will comprise of two parts:

  • Cider Advocacy - Evidence of personal high quality cider advocacy
  • Personal Project - Paper-based exercise to demonstrate a firm understanding oflanguage, styles, marketplace and consumers


The applicant is invited to attend a face to face interview and is assessed via an evidence-based process against written parameters. The assessment will test all parts of the Beer and Cider Academy Courses and may include practical tests including identification of randomly selected cider styles and faults, category and legislation understanding and role play scenarios.

Customer Reviews

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David Dixon
Wide ranging and fun

Really enjoyed all four parts of the pommeliers course, from the basics on the introductory course through to the final exam, each part was either an opportunity to either learn something new or build on my existing knowledge. There is a wide variety of things on the courses from style categorisation to cider faults to learning about cider from outside the UK, it’s all there. Plus of course there’s the interaction with other delegates, that bit in not to be underestimated, I’ve really enjoyed meeting all of the other people some of whom I now consider to be friends of mine.

Preparing for the final exam takes some time as you need a portfolio of evidence, but in many ways this was the bit I enjoyed the most as it not only demonstrated what we had learnt in the previous sessions but allowed me to bring in my own experiences and appreciate how much I had been involved in cider over the years. However it is not all about looking back as it gives the writer the opportunity to take stock and assess where they want to go with cider and perry in the future. The final countdown to the assessment can be a bit nervy but with a great tutor like Gabe Cook to assess you the nerves soon settle and even the exam becomes enjoyable. In truth it was the best exam ever as it involved drinking cider!

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