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Dowdings Tower Brue

Produced by Dowdings from a blend of cider apples, with a small addition of culinary apples

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Produced by Dowdings from a blend of cider apples, with a small addition of culinary apples. Whilst some come from our organic orchard, many are from local gardens and orchards where people have no use for the apples. All are unsprayed and not fertilised - totally natural apples. 

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True Brue

As a reluctant though loyal exile from the West Country of my childhood, I can enjoy cider as an evocative and even emotive experience - if it tastes right, that is.
This one really does; personally I can't speak for notes and timbres, tannins or what have you, but Tower Brue certainly has all the best qualities of a Somerset cider made in the traditional way. A wonderful flavour redolent of the sharpest cold clear autumn morning, with some of the true depth of farmhouse backing up the light touch of a sunny lunchtime refresher, Mr Dowding is delivering all that I or - it appears - my extended family could wish for. It’s a very welcome bonus that his methods and values are as bang on the mark as his produce.
A great cider to share, whether you planned to or not: I'm already having to re-order!

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