10 of the Best Cider Bars in the UK


Are you a big craft cider fan? If so, you’re likely to love these following cider houses. Prepare your taste buds for a glass of fine cider, offered up at any of these famous cider bars.

The Apple


Location: Bristol

The Apple is one of the more fascinating cider bars and offers a slightly different experience all together. Surrounded by waters that flow through the Bristol countryside, you’ll be able to escape the everyday grind and choose your favourite ciders and perries on a boat. If you ever visit Bristol, whatever you do, make sure you experience a traditional cider in The Apple boat.

The Apple – Tripadvisor Review

The Salutation Inn


Location: Ham, Gloucestershire

Planted right in the village, this cosy pub serves up some legendary cider by well-known cider producers like Roger Wilkins Cider and Tom Oliver’s Ciders and Perry.

Find not only cider, but a variety of beers. Head in and sit by a crackling fire to keep warm in the winter. It is that good that it has won numerous awards including the coveted CAMRA National Pub of the Year 2014.

The Salutation Inn – Tripadvisor Review


The Stable

The Stable Dorset

Location: Bridport, Dorset

The Stable pizza and cider restaurant is situated in the heart of the bustling market town of Bridport, famous for it’s vintage quarter, eclectic music, stunning scenery and even Broadchurch. The Stable pizza and cider restaurant put forward a simple formula of pizza, pies and cider. People loved it and now they are opening restaurants all around the country.

They have craft ciders from all around the UK, particularly the West Country, and you can even get a much loved taster rack of half pint ciders.The Stables is an experience unlike anywhere else!

The Stable, Tripadvisor Review

The Cider Tap


Location: Euston, London

Located in a beautiful stone lodge, this pub is the only one in London that is truly committed to cider. There are several ciders and perries to choose from and you can even get one straight out of an oak barrel.

‘WARNING!!! STRONGBOW NOT SOLD HERE!!!’ is the message on the chalkboard across the bar, making it clear that you’re in the wrong place if you just want a pint of flavourless fizz. London’s only dedicated cider bar serves the real stuff – from apple to orchard.

Euston Cider Tap – Tripadvisor Review

Valley Bar


Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Located in a Victorian section of Scarborough, this pub sits on the coast, giving in to a beautiful view of the sea. Served up are Perries and ciders from all over the country and if you want to extend your stay, the Valley conveniently provides rooms to rent.

Valley Bar – Tripadvisor Review

The Coronation Tap


Location: Clifton, Bristol

This pub sits near the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. Nearby cider producers make their popular Exhibition, which is served up to guests here at the Coronation Tap. No worries. There are plenty of other ciders to try out, as well.

The Coronation Tap – Tripadvisor Review

The Cider House

Cider House Defford

Location: Defford, Worcestershire

The story goes that some drunk had left the cider house one evening, fell into some bushes, and ended up covered in scrapes and scratches. The next day people asked him what had happened to him. His reply? A monkey had attacked him. Until this day The Cider House is sometimes referred to as the Monkey House – one of the last rural cider houses left.

Located out on a country road, this farmhouse is perfect for your next cider pub adventure. Depending on weather and what time of year it is, you have the option of drinking outdoors or you can step inside where it’s a tad toastier.

The Cider House – Tripadvisor Review

Ye Olde Cider Bar


Location: Newton Abbot, Devon

The Ye Olde Cider Bar is a bit rustic with a slight 1970s theme and the tables have been creatively concocted by old cider barrels. Only fruit wines, perries, and ciders are served up, as well as some tasty foods. The staff gave us a very friendly warm welcome and had brilliant knowledge of the wide variety of ciders and wines they had on offer.

Ye Olde Cider Bar – Tripadvisor Review

Early Doors Cider and Ale Barn


Location: Cheddar, Somerset

Once part of a farm shop, this more modern, cheery pub is now a popular venue for cider lovers. It has a warm atmosphere as well as offering a variety of classic ciders. It was a lovely experience sitting in it’s beer garden this summer, with a crisp cider in had and admiring the stunning countryside views.

Early Doors Cider and Ale Barn – Tripadvisor Review

The Penrhyn Arms


Location: Penrhynside, Llandudno, North Wales

With plenty of support by locals, this traditional pub is known for offering a wide selection of both cider and beer. It is also refreshing that it serves a whole range of Welsh ciders like Black Dragon and Seidr-Y-Glyn. Near the bar a wall is plastered with pictures of well-known drinkers like Richard Burton and Ian Botham. If you visit The Penrhyn Arms then why not drink like them?

The Penrhyn Arms – Tripadvisor Review

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