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About Crafty Nectar

Forget craft beer – the craft cider movement has arrived, and so has Crafty Nectar's craft cider subscription service, which will give you access to unique, craft ciders from across the UK.


Hi I'm Ed, welcome to Crafty Nectar. The UK's 1st craft cider subscription box.

Growing up surrounded by amazing craft cider producers in rural Dorset, I've always had a passion and interest in craft cider. Since leaving the West Country and moving to London a few years ago, I've been shocked by the limited amount of good quality craft cider available in pubs across the Capital. I've found that most supermarkets, pubs and bars have mass produced ciders that aren't actually real - they're packed full of concentrates, artificial flavourings and low apple content. It's my mission to change this and give everyone easy access to unique, real cider.

Crafty Nectar has been created to connect people with ciders that are made in the traditional way: no concentrates, artificial flavourings and gluten free. Every cider is sourced directly from small independent producers - we want to give them a chance to shine, and for their products to get into the hands of the people that will truly appreciate them.

There's a desire to connect with something small, something crafted, something local. It's about high-juice content. How better to do it than deliver cider right to cider lovers' doors each month?

The craft cider revolution has begun. Join Ed and Crafty Nectar on a journey of cider discovery.

What's Inside Our Craft Cider Boxes?

Cider Subscription FAQ

What is Crafty Nectar?

Crafty Nectar is the UK's 1st craft cider subscription box. We send a box to your desk or door each month with different, unique craft ciders. Simply choose between our Taster box (6 bottles) or our Discovery box (12 bottles) and we'll deliver to your door. Tasting notes and other goodies included so you can discover different ciders throughout the UK.

What ciders are in your box? What makes you different?

Our cider boxes change every month (always a surprise!) and are unlike anything you will find in supermarkets or mainstream pubs. Every Crafty Nectar box contains a diverse variety of unique ciders from dry, medium, sweet and Perry (500ml bottles) with many having won awards from regional, national and even international recognition. One thing is certain is that all our ciders are made in the traditional way: no concentrates, artificial flavourings and gluten free. We guarantee 100% quality craft ciders in our boxes.

Can I cancel anytime or skip a month? Also, what is your delivery/courier service?

You can change, skip or cancel your plan at any time.

Log in to your account on (top right of page).

Crafty Nectar now use APC! Along with an amazing 95% delivery success rate. Once the box is shipped you will receive an email with your shipment details, tracking number and will be able to track the package.  

I think the supermarket is cheaper, why should I join?

Most of our bottles you can't find in shops or supermarkets. The ciders are premium, quality brands made from small craft producers made with passion and care. Supermarkets are extremely limited in their real cider range and our bottles actually match the prices if they stock an equivalent quality cider, whilst giving you access to undiscovered gems from around the UK. Alongside delivery to your door and a quality subscription plan our subscribers are getting great value for money.

Do you ship outside The UK?

Only the UK at the moment I'm afraid. We're trying to produce the best delivery and customer service experience possible. So our focus is in the UK first and then expand to Europe and the USA this Summer 2019.

What's this I hear about the craft cider revolution?

We want to give small local producers a chance to shine, and for their products to get into the hands of the real cider lovers around the UK who are ready to discover unique, interesting, and hard to find craft ciders not available in supermarkets.

How much will delivery cost?

Delivery costs are based on weight, so its £4.99 for one or two cases of cider. This is next day delivery if you order (Mon - Thur) before 1pm. 

What else do we do?

We're expanding beyond subscriptions to educate people on history, passion and craft of real artisan cider. From local tasting events to big events and festivals and collaborating with some of ciders renowned experts like the Stables Cider and Thirsty Gardeners.

I'm a cider producer can I work with you?

YES. We welcome new craft cider producers all the time as we want to produce a truly unique box. Not only that but we will promote and champion your cider to one of the largest craft cider communities in the world. Send an email to to introduce yourselves.

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