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Crafty Nectar Cider Co

We're nomadic cider makers from Somerset, making game-changing collabs with the world's top cider makers.

With no cidery and unbound by tradition we collaborate and innovate to make some of the best tasting ciders in the UK.

Our mission is to bring quality craft cider to the good people of the UK! #CiderForThePeople

Our Story

Ed and James set up Crafty Nectar in 2015 with a mission to give everyone easy access to real and unique craft ciders. As soon as they launched their cider subscription service they realised that a revolution was underway when they quickly gained a community of 80,000 followers in the first 12 months and cider club members from all around the UK, and quickly becoming the No.1 cider destination in the world.

Nomadic Cider makers

Watching the explosion in craft beer and comparing it to the very traditional craft cider market they saw the opportunity to launch their own unique craft ciders. Ed & James listened to what their followers wanted and started experimenting with some of the most talented and progressive cider makers in the UK.

In 2018 after 6 not quite good enough recipes, they launched recipe No.7, a medium 5.1% cider and months later recipe No.8 a 4% cider blended with Yorkshire triangle Rhubarb Juice.

Award-winning Cider Producers

In 2019 No.8 was voted the World's Tastiest Cider at The Stable Cider Awards, the World's most participated award with over 90 producers entering and 15,000 votes cast.

In 2020 Crafty Nectar launched No.9, a Blackberry and Hibiscus Co Ferment Cider made in collaboration with BBC Drinks Producer of the Year, Once Upon A Tree. This would also be the year Crafty Nectar ventured into fine cider launching Serendipity, a Somerset Keeved Cider with British Cider Champion’s Stones Cider.

The Craft Cider Revolution has begun and this award-winning range is the perfect way to discover cider! #ReThinkCider

Award-winning cider range

x3 Great Taste Two Star Winner

15,000 voted Crafty Nectar no.8 to be the UK's best cider

x3 International Cider Challenge Winner

Top Rated Cider Indy Best ★★★★★

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