12 of the Top Cider Influencers on Twitter

12 of the Top Cider Influencers on Twitter

With cider drinkers on the rise, we’ve put together a list of our top 12 cider influencers on twitter.

If you have an interest in finding out about new ciders, becoming more informed or generally interested in anything cider related these are the ones to follow.

Pete Brown @PeteBrownBeer

Pete Brown is a British writer who specialises in making people thirsty. He is the author of five-and-a-half books (including Guide to Welsh Cider and Perry and World’s Best Cider) as well as the annual Cask Report, and numerous articles in the drinks trade and consumer press. A must follow for cider connoisseurs.

Hugh – @RealCiderReview

Real Cider Reviews are just that! An Aussie cider lover giving reviews of the best craft and small-scale Real Ciders from Australia and around the world. Real Cider Reviews is all about educating people about the history of cider and techniques that craft men and women use to create real cider.

Eric West @CiderGuide

Eric West is a cider enthusiast, writing for @cidercraftmag and director of the cider certification program. Originally a craft beer enthusiast he is now exclusively a cider drinker due to his gluten free diet. By following @ciderguide you can keep updated with the world’s cider news.

The Ciderologist (Gabe Cook)

Gabe has a lifetime of cider experience from growing up in the cider heartlands of Herefordshire to a decade of working within the cider industry across the world.

The Ciderologist is a global cider expert who is trying to change the way we think and drink cider. 

It’s Gabe’s mission to ensure that the world understands just how rich, varied, complex and downright fabulous cider and perry can be, with as much quality as any wine, and with as much character and attitude as any craft beer.

The Cider Blog

Nick Morris is a cider enthusiast, hating purely commercial ciders such as Magners his tastes lean towards ‘West Country ciders’. With his passion for cider he blogs and reviews anything cider related providing an informative and engaging outlook.

Jim @RealCider

Real cider aims to promote the ‘real cider’ movement, presenting informal information and knowledge about everything cider related. Supporting cider makers, pubs and cider fans. Jim has become a leading UK and US blogger on everything related to cider and perry.

Bill Bradshaw @iamcider

Bill Bradshaw Photo

Bill is a cider enthusiast and evangelist who writes and contributes photography to various magazines and books on the craft cider, has had TV/radio experience and is a regular at cider/beer festivals. He recently went out on a UK mission to the USA to champion the best of craft cider production in the UK.

He’s also one half of The Cider Hunters, a new video based project examining cider cultures around the world. Catch a clip below:

The Cider Hunters from Level Films on Vimeo.

Cider Mike

Cider Mike is a real cider activist, hoping to boycott commercial ciders in favour of real cider. He shares news, reviews and anything cider related great for those wanting to discover more about the cider industry. Check out his expert reviews here.

Tom Oliver @OliversCider

Oliver’s cider is a cider and perry maker producing a selection of fine Herefordshire and Three Counties ciders and perries. Tom’s brand The Olivers have picked up gold gongs at the Royal Bath & West Show – the world’s largest and oldest cider competition – as well as GLINTCAP, the US’s biggest cider competition.

They are a great British producer to follow and one of the top artisan cider producers to look out for in 2016!

Fiona Beckett @winematcher

Guardian drinks writer Fiona Beckett is a wine paring guru, IWSC Blogger of 2014 her and the Matchingfoodandwine.com team excels and pairing different wines (as well as the odd non wine beverage such as cider or beer) with a variety of foods, ensuring the best match for each palette.

Craft Beer Rising UK

Rebranded and bigger and better than ever, CBR London 2016 is now recognised as the launch pad event in the UK’s beer calendar for new and exciting brews and is the place for beer (and cider) fans to head for the latest product launches, new recipes and innovations in the brewing world. All that, and the rare chance to meet the faces behind the brands.

Oli Haydon aka Pint Sized

Pint Sized is a YouTube beer and cider community, packed with a mini-series for every facet of beer and cider out there. Featuring taste tests rants and raves, history lessons, food science and experiments. With two slick and well produced episodes a week they’re definitely one to keep an eye on.

The drinks and cider community has spoken and we can’t believe we missed the following influencers of our list. Below is why they are included:

Susanna Forbes @DrinkBritain

Susanna Forbes, creator of DrinkBritain.com, a drinks tourism website, presents her love and knowledge of where to find great British drinks, discovering Britain’s, wineries, breweries and cider houses and sharing her journey.

Jessica Mason @JessicaCMason

Jessica Mason is a drinks and content editor and loves nothing more than enjoying a good beer in decent pubs.One to follow for all drink related news.



Ok, we haven’t included our account in the list but it would be a shame not to toot our own trumpet. We share the latest cider news, desirable cider images and we’re helping to put craft cider on the National map.

Help us on our way as we’re quickly becoming one of the largest cider communities in the world.

Did we miss any cider influencers? Please let us know and we’ll give them a shout out. @CraftyNectar


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