5 of the best Alcohol gift sets on the market

5 of the best Alcohol gift sets on the market

5 of the best alcohol gift sets on the market

The finest beverages are a go-to for any occasion, but how about we forget running to the supermarket and picking any old bottle of wine and instead put a bit more thought and love into the next gift?

We’ve come up with a list of the best gift sets on the market right now - it’s a surefire way to impress that loved one (or treat yourself) and certainly beats a generic 6 pack of beer which comes across as thoughtless rather than thoughtful. And with alcoholic gift sets like these, the sentiment is sure to be repaid!

1) Beer 52 - Best 'Craft Beer' Alcohol Gift Set 

Beer52’s mission is one that we can very much relate to - albeit they prefer beer! With an aim to introduce subscribers to original, small-batch craft beers that are a lifetime away from the offering in your local pub or supermarket shelves. This is the perfect gift for any beer lover - introduce yourself (or your loved ones) to real beer with Beer 52.


Not sure which option to go for? We think their top alcohol gift set is their light and hoppy eight case. A selection of lighter, hoppier beers. Think pale ales, IPA’s and anything unique on the lighter side. You won’t find anything as good as these at your local off licence which means this alcohol gift set is sure to impress the recipient! You might be so impressed that you have to treat yourself too (because honestly the best kind of gifts are for yourself).

2) Craft Gin Club - best 'gin club' alcohol gift set

With almost 4,500 members, this is the number one gin subscription club in the UK. And it’s easy to see why. Getting a full-size bottle of gin in the post every month is the perfect gift for any gin lover! So buy that gin lover (even if it’s you!) the best gin alcohol gift set out there!


We think their 1 year quarterly alcohol gift set is a top choice. 4 boxes throughout the year (yes once a quarter if you missed that). Each box contains one of the world's finest small-batch gins, including rare and exclusive bottlings not available elsewhere. What's in the box is a surprise until it arrives, but always includes a full-size bottle of very special gin, a selection of tonics, mixers and foodie treats, and our 36-page club magazine. Now, how’s that for an alcohol gift set!

3) Crafty Nectar - best cider gift set

This is one for all cider heads. We offer up hassle-free deliveries of cider and perry from the UK’s finest cider makers. Only full juice, no-concentrate ciders are allowed in the box, and tasting notes for each cider are provided to keep you in the cider know. All boxes are gluten-free and suitable for vegans, we might be biased but we offer some of the best alcohol gift sets on the market right now (well for any cider lover at least!)

Our top pick for from our alcohol gift set selection is our 3 bottle with cider glass gift set. A selection of three of the UK's finest craft ciders. These ciders are not like anything you will find in the supermarkets, they are specialist, small batch products that have been chosen for their quality. Partnered with the perfect present for the discerning cider drinker, a Dartington crystal cider glass which has been mouth blown and handcrafted, this well-proportioned glass makes a great way to enjoy the many styles of cider or perry. The ribbed base makes it easy to handle and keeps hands from warming the cool contents. The slightly bulbous shape allows ample room for those who prefer ice with their cider.

4) Honest Brew - best 'beer subscription' gift set

Another one for the beer lovers. The team at Honest Brew are passionate about bringing the world's best independent craft beer to your door. Working with breweries from all over the world - UK, Europe, US, Australasia and Asia - to seek out interesting beers that you can discover. From easy drinking lagers and pales to more adventurous saisons and sours, there's lots to discover. Honest Brew now stock over 300 different craft beers at Honest Brew and have even created something as magical as the Wonder Emporium. It’s a machine that can match beer to your tastes- a world first!.

We’ve picked their Beavertown Mixed Howler alcohol gift set to feature as one of our top choices. Each Howler has three cans of the finest and most exciting canned beer hiding inside. Delivered to your door in a handy Howler tube and designed to be portable so you can enjoy your brews anywhere, Howlers are the future of craft beer exploration. This really is one impressive gift for any occasion! 

5) Drinks by the Dram - best 'whiskey' alcohol gift set

Spirit drinker? Well this one’s for you. It all started with the question “wouldn’t it be great if you could try a whisky without having to shell out on a full-sized bottle?” With this in mind  Drinks by the Dram took bottles and divided them up into little samples, all of which are wax-dipped and handsomely labelled. Now you can literally try before you buy...how cool is that! 


Whether you’re a seasoned whisky and spirits buff, new and curious, or buying it as a gift, there’s a sample dram set for you. From super-peaty, to smooth and mellow; from ultra-rare whisky samples to cheap and cheerful everyday drams. They even  have sampling sets for Rum, Cognac, Gin and more…

Our top pick in our alcohol gift set guide is their Japanese whiskey tasting set. Japan is well recognised as a leading producer of incredibly good whiskey - discover why, with this amazing tasting set.

Now you’ve been shown the top alcohol gift sets on the market, there really is no excuse to be running to the off licence or supermarket 10 minutes before your due at that special someone's house. No more supermarket wines, or cheap 6 packs - these alcohol gift sets are the real deal and we know you and your receipts won’t want to look back!

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