5 Reasons To Join a Cider Subscription This Christmas!


Cider Christmas gifts sorted! If you haven’t yet signed up for a cider gift subscription, then here are 5 great reasons why you should take the leap this Christmas! 

1) The Cider Gift That Keeps on Giving!

A Crafty Nectar box lasts for a while and is the gift that keeps on giving each month. No shopping centres, no postal trips, no wrapping! Your recipient will be reminded of your generosity again and again. Giving the recipient the opportunity to discover REAL cider from small cider-makers around the UK, from the Brecon Beacons to Canterbury and beyond!


 2) Sharing is Caring!

Christmas is the time for family and friends.You can host cider tastings and share with others, and perhaps convert some of your friends, they are sure to be impressed with your unique range of offerings that Crafty Nectar provides you with.


3) Cider Tasting Notes

As part of your subscription we provide you with monthly tasting notes, giving you a background of the cider producer, as well as a summary of the tasting notes, so you know exactly what you are receiving and what to expect. As well as giving you the opportunity to compare and contrast the differences. Not only does this allow you to gain a comprehensive overview of what you’re receiving but allows you the opportunity to show off the cider connoisseur in you to all your friends.

4) Support the Small Cider Producers!

Our cider subscription allows you to discover a range of fine ciders that have been crafted by small cider-makers that are not readily available on the high street. All of which, contain no artificial sweeteners, are made with 100% pressed apple juice and are gluten free. This is proper cider, which is full of character! We work with hundred's of small cider-makers, who are making fantastic cider with their own philosophy, using weird and wonderful varieties from orchards scattered around the beautiful countryside. 


5 ) It’s Christmas!

Christmas is the time for being festive, and what better way than to treat yourself, or loved ones with a box of craft cider. It’s sure to brighten up the cold nights and get you in the Christmas spirit. So go ahead and spoil yourself, your friends and your family with a cider subscription and have a very merry cidermass!


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