5 Reasons Why Craft Cider Is Better Than Beer

5 Reasons Why Craft Cider Is Better Than Beer

Craft Cider is finally getting the attention it deserves! No longer just for old men with large sideburns, it’s a drink that offers you a variety of complex flavors along with a shed load of refreshment. Many drinks experts now regard it as the driving force in the craft industry. Still, need convincing?

Well here are my top 5 reasons why you should put down your glass of wine or lager and switch to a good old pint of cider

  1. With Craft Cider there’s loads of choice

    With so many different apples across the globe and the ease at which cider is blended, it was only natural that the cider industry would start to be able to offer 1000’s of different tastes that would suit even the most obscure pallet. From toffee apple ciders to ones infused with chili, these days it doesn’t matter how you like your apples cut, the options are endless.

  2. Craft Cider has a long history

    It is thought that Cider was first introduced to the UK as early as 1066 by the Normans. As it turned out these fellas really knew their stuff and it wasn’t long before cider was the drink of choice for every man and his dog. It became so popular in the UK that workers started to get paid in cider.

    Farmers even had a rating system for their workers based on the amount of cider they could drink. Suggesting a 2 gallon a day worker was worth more than their weight in gold. So arguably you could even suggest that this great nation was built on the stuff.

  3. You can make craft cider at home. 
    All you need is a weekend free in October and you can make cider in your own garden. You might not be able to make it taste quite as nice as the professionals do first time round, but you will still have something that is drinkable within a few weeks that will certainly get the party jumping. For tips on making your own cider, have a look at our 5 Top tips for the amateur cider maker.

  4. Craft Cider has health benefits! 
    Scientists are now suggesting that cider has the same boosting antioxidants as red wine. Whats even better you don’t need a whole pint just a half will get you the same level of antioxidants as a large glass of red. I could write about the complexities of the section all day, but the long and short of it is Craft Cider is good for you!

  5. "Gluten Smuten" - Cider Is Gluten Free!
    For people like me that have issues with gluten, craft cider is spot on. Made basically with just apples, craft cider is perfect for celiacs and it will taste a dam site better than the other wheat free options out there.

So there you have it 5 great reasons why you should make Craft Cider your beverage of choice.

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