5 Top Cider Gifts for Fathers Day

5 Top Cider Gifts for Fathers Day

Top Cider Gifts Sets For Dad

Father’s day is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to give some thought to fathers day gifts. Rather than buy him the same best dad mug, or the go-to tie why not think outside the box this year with cider gifts. 

Treat your dad to a gift that he will truly appreciate (and won't sit in the back of a cupboard somewhere gathering dust!) Whether it’s a cider box or a cider tasting - you can’t go wrong with the gift of cider (and if you think it’s not his tipple of choice it’s time to educate him on what real cider is!)

 1) Craft Cider Gift Set and Glass


There are so many unique and individual ciders being produced out in the countryside and in the city, people just need to experience them to properly understand cider! So go on, treat dad to one of these super 3 packs, it even includes the perfect cider glass!



The 3 pack is the easy way giving dad a cracking cider gift set that he won’t be able to find down the local supermarket (which shows dad you at least planned the gift this year!). These ciders have passed our tasting test and will hopefully blow you away with how good real cider can be! 

2) Discover Craft Cider Subscription

A cider subscription forces you out of your cider comfort zone to make you try new and different styles you might have never considered before. Delivering a box of small batch, artisan and craft cider, you can choose a one of box or a recurring subscription. Featuring the best of the best, sourced from South Wales to Somerset, dad will never be short of a crisp, cool and sharp cider to quench his thirst. This is the ultimate father’s day gift – because let’s face it who wouldn’t want craft cider delivered directly to their door?

3) Cider Tasting Tour of Bristol with The Ciderologist

If you’d rather gift your dad an experience than Gabe Cook’s cider tour is the answer. London and Bristol cider tasting tours are brought to you by The Ciderologist - Gabe Cook. As seen on C4's Sunday Brunch, Gabe brings with him over a decade of cider experience and has worked for small, farmhouse cidermakers all the way up to the world's largest. He has even presented a bottle of cider to the Queen!

If Bristol's you choice you and dad will start the day at The Stable on Bristol`s Harbourside with a tasting of 5 different ciders. You'll then head down to The Apple for more tastings and finish off the day at The Bristol Cider Shop with some fantastic cheeses from the award-winning Bristol Cheesemonger. A real day to remember!

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4) Fine Cider Box 



The box for the more discerning cider dad. All of the ciders in this box have been selected for their quality, craft, and taste. Each of the fine cider bottles in this box has a unique story to tell, created to shine brighter than your average craft cider. Treat them in the appropriate way and serve them in a wine glass just slightly chilled, and I have no doubt that you will find them all delicious in their own characterful way.

Our Fine cider box contains 6x 750ml Bottles: Angioletti Secco, Six Somewhere Premiere Cru, Olivers Dry BTC, West Milton Lancombe Rising, Pilton Cider Tamoshanta, Worleys Special Reserve.

5) Stable Cider Tasting Experience

Stable Cider Tasting Experience

Is dad a true cider lover?

Perhaps he needs a bit of education, or a complete introduction to the world of real cider (forget Strongbow!) The amazing guys over at The Stable will take you on an introductory cider-tasting experience, teaching you about the cider-making process, different cider-making regions, fruit varieties and some common things to look out for such as tannins, acidity, and blending. You’ll also taste 10 of our best ciders, with an opportunity to take notes and ask questions from your Cider Master as you go. 

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There you have it, the top 5 cider gift set picks for Father's Day, give dad his favourite drink, or educate him so he can find his new favourite (because once you taste the best how can you go back?!)

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