8 of the Best Alcohol Free Ciders


Let’s picture this – a chilled drink in your hand, some upbeat music on the stereo, and good company. Sounds like the perfect way to unwind, doesn’t it? And now with alcohol free ciders and no alcohol ciders, everyone can “indulge”. I mean, it’s time teetotalers became part of the cider revolution too!

So with these interesting new ciders gaining traction in the market, we felt it was time to talk about them. In-depth. And compare some of the top alcohol free ciders you can buy right now.

Let’s get this AF party started!

1. Crafty Nectar 0.5% Alcohol Free Cider


We’re going to start with a unicorn. Introducing Crafty Nectar 0.5, the newest launch to the alcohol free cider market in 2020. 

We were intrigued by the challenge of a low alcohol cider that tasted exactly like a full-blooded fruit cider. You know, the real deal. So armed with our passion for good cider and in collaboration with alcohol-free cider gurus, Wise BarTender, the Crafty Nectar 0.5% was born – our ‘unicorn’.

It’s a fresh-pressed cider combined with bittersweet and bitter sharp apple juice. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting the flavour profile. Capturing the essence of what works and eliminating everything that doesn’t. So it hits just the right notes with all the ingredients working in harmony to produce a medium-sweet zingy flavour. One that you could drink all night (even more so because it contains just 76 calories)!

The depth of flavour in the Crafty Nectar 0.5% is unlike anything else on the market. And we aren’t just saying that because it’s our creation, oh no. The Crafty Nectar family, including our patrons, have helped make our unicorn the world’s tastiest low alcohol cider!

If you’re considering trying a low alcohol cider or no alcohol cider, this really has to be the one to go for ;)

2. Drynks Smashed Alcohol Free Apple Cider

Drynks Unlimited Smashed Apple Cider Alcohol Free

The reason why this one’s at the top of our list is because of its sneaky personality. You see, normally alcohol-free ciders, and even low alcohol ciders for that matter, never get the essence of a good cider right.

They all either taste too watered down or too sweet or too sour. Never quite ‘right’. With their Smashed Alcohol Free Apple Cider, the brilliant folks over at Drynks Unlimited have created something truly unique. This is a no alcohol cider that tastes, smells and feels like the real deal. Only minus the alcohol. And speaking of taste, you get the lovely aroma of fresh English apples before the well-rounded sharp and sweet flavour hits. It’s got a pretty decent crisp bite to it as well.

All in all, it’s a great drink for the health-conscious teetotaler. Vegan, gluten-free and very low calorie (just 84 per can). 

3. Sheppy’s Low Alcohol Classic Cider

Sheppy's Low Alcohol Classic Apple Cider

Sheppy’s is a brand that needs no introduction. They’ve been around since ages, and David Sheppy, the sixth-generation Master of Cider, is a genius. So after perfecting the art of a good traditional cider, Sheppy’s tried their hand at low alcohol ciders, too. 

Designed to taste exactly like their award-winning Classic Draught Cider, this low alcohol cider manages to hit all the right notes for us. It uses a good selection of traditional & dessert apples from Somerset and scales down the ABV to just 0.5%. Now at first glance, it would be understandable to think that with such a low ABV, it would be similar to a no alcohol cider. 

But it isn’t that simple.

As you may know, alcohol has a very distinct mouthfeel. And crafting cider (or even a beer for that matter) results in some alcohol being produced naturally. So the challenge most of these low alcohol and no alcohol ciders face is to feel that authentic. 

With 0.5% ABV, Sheppy’s manages to limit alcohol content while still retaining the original experience of a proper cider. 

So if you don’t mind a little booze in your beverage, give it a go. Buy Now. 

4. Holly GoLightly No Alcohol Cider

Holly GoLightly No Alcohol Apple Cider

Like all good things, the Holly GoLightly came to life thanks to Celtic Marches’ passion to provide the cider community with low alcohol ciders and no alcohol ciders that capture the spirit and original flavours of a standard craft cider producer. 

They felt that space had far too many commercial offerings and needed the craft touch. And so Holly was born!

Going with Celtic Marches’ love for personifying their lovely ciders, Holly is a fun one. Even though she packs just 0.5% ABV, her flavour profile is just as refined and mature as one of their other offerings. What stands out is the lovely tannin aftertaste that’s only possible with 100% pressed cider apples. 

Overall, Holly’s a great medium cider. Worth a look if you’re the designated driver or just prefer low alcohol ciders!

5. The Good Cider of San Sebastian No Alcohol Cider

The Good Cider Of San Sebastian 0.0%

This one’s a traditional Basque cider, made from fresh apples picked from the brewer’s orchards. We personally really like how refreshing this one tastes, especially when you crack open a cold one straight from the refrigerator.

It’s gained immense popularity in Spain for being a great all-natural gluten-free no alcohol cider. And depending on what you fancy, there are a few options different flavour options available as well. For instance, if you’re feeling tropical, you can opt for wild berries no alcohol cider. Or perhaps a strawberry & lime if you like the lovely tangy flavour.

As far as no alcohol ciders go, The Good Cider is an, erm, good cider. But seriously, if you’re looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, give this one a shot. Or should we say give this one a pint ;) 

6. Adnams Wild Wave Low Alcohol Cider

low alcohol no alcohol cider adnams

With nearly 150 years of brewing experience, Adnams know how to make a good cider. We particularly enjoy the 5% Wild Wave version and we're happy to report that despite being a low alcohol cider, this one hasn't lost the essence.

The moment you take a sip, you're greeted with the distinct taste of classic cider. It's a fine blend of bittersweet and dessert apple juice. Quite refreshing for a cider with just 0.5% ABV! Buy Now

7. Thatchers Zero Alcohol Free Cider

thatchers zero no alcohol cider

Thatchers is no stranger to cider – they have been perfecting the art for over a century after all! And their newest no alcohol cider really proves how competent they are at crafting the perfect fizzy.

We were pleasantly surprised when we first tried the Zero. As you may know, low alcohol or no alcohol cider typically tends to be quite sweet. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you want something dryer. Something that puts the lovely apple aroma in the front seat. That's what the Thatchers Zero manages to do.

It's quite crisp, has a refreshing aroma, looks stunning, and tastes really nice. While the slightly dryer taste might not be for everyone, it does add a nice little twist to things. Definitely worth a try! (Buy Here

8. Drynks Smashed Berry Alcohol Free Fruit Cider

drynks smashed berry fruit cider no alcohol

We thought we'd make things a little interesting by including a fruit cider to the mix. Everyone deserves some low alcohol cider action!

Coming to the Smashed Berry Fruit Cider though, it's quite interesting. It tastes very refreshing, as do many other fruit ciders. But Drynks have managed to work the recipe and brewing in a way that despite the fruitiness, the English apples still shine through!

So when those lovely apples combine with the tropical flavour of the berries, the end result is something quite special. First you taste the refreshing fruitiness. And then you've got a great balance of sweetness and sharpness. Really manages to have a well-rounded flavour-profile despite being a no alcohol cider.

Time to Give Alcohol Free Cider a Try!

Whether you’re the designated driver or just prefer something that packs a little less booze-y punch, alcohol free and no alcohol ciders are great for the occasion. It would’ve been really hard to recommend one not too long ago due to the scarce number of high-quality ciders available in the market.

But with changing times, there have been some really fine ones that taste almost like the real deal – a proper cider! 


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