9 of the Best Cider Bars in Bristol


Bristol is without doubt the UK’s official cider capital. If you love your cider, there is nothing quite like visiting Bristol which is a pilgrimage for cider lovers from all around the world. There are, of course, a fair few cider bars and pubs in Bristol, but here at Crafty Nectar, we’re all about making your life easier.

Which is why we have compiled a list of ten of the best cider bars in Bristol. Have a look!


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Cider Bars For The Craft Cider Connoisseurs:

The Orchard Innthe-orchard-bristol-cider-bar

The Orchard is the one to look for if you are the ‘classic cider bar’ person. Everything about this traditional cider bar oozes quality. They’ve won a few awards and have been serving Bristolians fine cider since a whopping 180+ years. Talk about a legacy! Their service is prompt and the staff is very well-aware and homely. To add to the experience, the theme of the cider pub is very cosy, too! If visiting a traditional cider bar is on your bucket list, look no further

Two Bellytwo-belly-bristol-cider-bar

Our second pick, Two Belly, is vastly different from some of the other cider bars in this list. This is because Two Belly isn’t your average cider pub. For instance, the entire store is very modern and minimalist. They serve cured meats, cheeses and wines, too. It really gives you a very ‘artisan’ vibe, so to speak. And we feel that is what really adds to the charm of Two Belly. With reasonable prices, a lovely atmosphere, and an expansive selection of the finest cheeses, beers, ciders, and more (all things natural, by the way), this one is special. And it might not be for everyone, perhaps you’re more the ‘classic cider bar’ guy (or gal), and that’s fine! The beauty of cider bars in Bristol is that there’s one for every person!

The Good Measurethe-good-measure-cider-bar-bristol

The Good Measure is a quaint little pub on Chandos Road, Bristol. It’s started by the young and enthusiastic team behind Good Chemistry Brewing, a brewery started in 2015. They serve a great selection of cask and keg beers, natural wines and spirits. While there are no events planned due to the pandemic, their passionate team hosts some of the most fun events in Bristol.

Cider Pubs with Dining Options: 

The Stable Bristolcider-bar-stable-bristol

Whether you like your cider west country, eastern counties, modern or champagne style, you can be sure that The Stable has the perfect option for you. The cider bar has an in-house cider expert who will be happy to guide you through their offering of over four dozen ciders and perries.

And if you’d much rather prefer something fresher, you can always opt for their own “Rapscallion”. It’s their own cider and we have to say, it really is a treat. They host several cider tastings throughout the year and make some delicious fresh pizza to go along with your golden bubbly.

The Lazy Dogbristol-cider-bars

If you want to lounge around on a lush garden with a cider in one hand and some delicious food in the other, The Lazy Dog is the place to be. They have a pretty decent selection to choose from as well as a seasonal menu with some tastefully chosen options. All this makes The Lazy Dog a solid cider pub worthy enough to be included in our list.

Cider Bars with a Fun, Party Vibe:

The Applethe-apple-bristol-cider-bar

Located in Welsh Back, The Apple is quite different from all the other cider bars we’re talking about today. It’s unique because they’re located on a boat. This makes it one of the most unique cider bar around. They have over forty ciders to choose from along with your typical bottled lagers and beers. You can also choose their own cider, the ‘Old Bristolian’ which packs a whopping 8.4% ABV and is an absolute treat. In the food department, you have a choice between a variety of cheeses, chips, cold cuts of meat, chutney and more. If you fancy a complete ploughman’s lunch, it should be available here. They say they are “all about putting quality, craft-produced cider into a modern context, an environment where everyone can enjoy it. But really, more fundamentally, The Apple is about creating a welcoming environment, a timeless, down-to-earth, friendly place, where people can just relax and have fun. (sic)” And we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

The Crofter’s Rightscrofters-rights-bristol-cider-bar

Situated in the heart of Stokes Croft, Crofters Rights brings you fine craft beer, awesome pizzas, exciting street food and a big versatile arts space for the local community.

After The Croft, which hosted events for legends like the Arctic Monkeys and such, shuttered down after eleven years it was a sad day for Bristolians. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel because The Crofter’s Rights started operations soon after. They have a mouthwatering selection of amazing draft ciders and beers. In fact, the selection at this cider pub is so expansive that their friendly staff is more than happy to offer you a taste to help you make up your mind. And once you’ve picked your favourite cider, you can hop on over to the dining room next door for some lip-smacking pizza. It’s important to note that their menu does change because the food vendors are independent. This is why we recommend checking their website or calling in beforehand so you’re sure of the menu at that time.

The Coronation Tap coronation-tap-cider-bar

Starting this list with one of the oldest cider bars around, we have The Coronation Tap. It’s very, very well-known and the cider pub boasts a plethora of good cider. You can drink in the pub, takeaway or carry your own container to fill. As long as you love cider, you’ll be golden. Oh, and for all our hardcore cider lovers, this pub serves their exclusive cider, aptly called the “Exhibition”. It is twice as strong as regular ciders and, according to those who have tasted it, packs one heck of a punch. So much so that even seasoned cider veterans have had second thoughts. Perhaps it’s a good thing that the Exhibition is only offered in half-pints? Either way, if you’re in the area for a good cider pub, “The Cori” as it’s called, should be on your list.

The Volley Pubthe-volley-bristol-cider-bar

The Volley is part of a rare breed of modern pubs that capture, or rather build upon, the classic British pub. They proudly spread the love for craft beers and are a local favourite. We’ve experienced nothing but the best customer service and the most exciting events every time we visit. Try dropping by sometime. Between the fine selection of beers and the amazing atmosphere, it really is a unique experience.

. . . . .

There you have it, ten of the absolute finest cider bars around town. Bristolians really are a lucky bunch, aren’t we?

Do keep in mind that a lot of these (if not all of these) places might be shut due to COVID-19 but don’t worry. At this time it’s best to exercise caution and order all your cider at the comfort of your home. While your living room might not quite match the energy of a pub, but it’s sure safer!

Once we are through with the pandemic though, you know where to head to. We’re always curious to know your experiences with these cider pubs and cider in general! So feel free to share your cider stories with us!

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