10 of the Best Cider Tours in the UK

10 of the Best Cider Tours in the UK

There's nothing better than going on a real cider tour. The holy grail of cider enthusiasts! It’s not only a chance to see the best cideries and orchards, but it’s also an opportunity to meet the experts themselves who can show you the ins and outs of how they create their wonderful cider. 

We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the UK on our mission to discover real cider. Here is our review of some of the best tours in the UK, all of them a fun experience for any cider lover: 

1. Westons Cider Tours: 

Weston Cider Tours not only show you how they produce their world-class ciders, but they also walk you through the history of cider making at Westons. This cider tour also includes a tutored cider tasting with one of their experts, and it is perfect for a summer outing. Tickets for Westons Cider Tours are available on their website and are great value for money. You can find them in Ledbury, Herefordshire.


2. Burrow Hill Cider Tours: 

Burrow Hill Cider Farms is one of the most beautiful cideries in the country located in Martock, Somerset. Their cider tours are available on all days except Sunday and do require prior booking. At £5 per person, their guided cider tours are worth every penny (and then some!). They walk you through the entire process of how they produce their ciders, including harvesting, production and distillation in their cider tours. These tours typically last for an hour and a half but make sure to keep more time for a walk through their beautiful orchards and hills. Honestly, their cider tours are well worth it even if you aren't a cider enthusiast but are just looking to do some sightseeing. burrowhills



3. Ciderologist London Cider Tours: 

We highly rate the Ciderologist's cider tours and you really do get your money's worth. They take you to three carefully selected venues for tasting and cider tours once every month on a Saturday afternoon in London. While it is a walking tour of around 1 mile, the tours are wheelchair-friendly and you can also opt for group tours if you want to go with your family & friends. These cider tours are hosted by The Ciderologist himself and as one of the most knowledgeable people in the world of ciders, you will leave the tour knowing a wealth of new interesting cider facts.  ciderlogist

4. The Newt in Somerset: 

The Newt in Somerset is a great option. They offer much more than just cider tours, including hotel rooms and a spa. Their cider tours are free of cost and typically last half an hour, including a small tasting session. You can see the press and cellars on this cider tour, and since there's no age restriction, you can come here with your entire family. Additionally, you can also opt for garden tours and they have a great display of cheeses here too!


5. Dunkertons Cider Tours: 

Dunkertons Organic Cider make some of the best ciders out there. They also offer a cider tour at their facility in Gloucestershire. For £20, you get the full Cheltenham Cidery Experience - a guided tour of their cidery and cider & cheese tastings. You also get a Dunkertons etched glass and access to their bespoke store, where you can try still ciders straight from the barrel. They've got non-alcoholic apple drinks for those below 18. It's a great cider tour, especially if you want to explore a more modern facility. For those really passionate about learning the craft, Dunkertons Organic Cider also offers a cider-making masterclass. dunkertons_town

6. The Ciderologist Bristol Cider Tour: 

We already featured his brilliant London cider tour, but trust us on this, the Bristol cider tour is just as good if not better. For just £40.00 you get an entire day filled with exciting cider tastings, insights and discussion with some cheese thrown into the mix. The tour starts off at The Stable on Harbourside with a tasting of five (!) ciders, then to The Apple for even more tastings coupled with a superb selection of cheeses from the award-winning Bristol Cheesemonger. These tours were started in May 2018 and have been going strong since then. This cider tour sounds like a perfect cider-filled day out! CIDEROLOGIST_BRISTOL

7. Dorset Nectar: 

Located in Waytown, Dorset, this is a great cider farm tour if you also want to learn the entire process of how Dorset Nectar makes their crisp, award-winning artisan ciders. They run their cider farm tours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 11am. For £8.00 you not only get a cider farm tour, but also a tasting and a stroll through their beautiful orchards and organic farm. You will learn more about how they make their delicious craft ciders right from their cider masters who are happy to answer your questions. dorset

8. Kentish Pip Cider Tour: 

Kentish Pip host a ton of events and tours throughout the year. In the summer they ran a popular Summer BBQ event with delicious cider, great food, and more cider - look out for this next year! For £10.00 you can book their cider farm tour which includes a tour of their orchard as well as a tutored tasting. If you’re a group of more than ten, you can even opt for a private tour if you book in advance. KENTISH_PIP

9. Sheppy’s Cider Tour: 

Sheppy’s offer weekend tours, giving you a peek behind the scenes at one of the oldest cider makers in the world. There’s plenty to see and each guided tour includes access to the orchards, the press house, the vat house and the Sheppy’s rural life museum and it culminates with a guided tasting of some of their best loved ciders. With a bar and restaurant on site as well you really can make a day of it. You can book on their website and they can also run private tours for larger groups. 


10. Perry’s Cider Tour: 

Perry’s farm is open to the public every day of the year (except Christmas day). It’s well worth a visit, with lots to do and see, including a cafe and farm shop. You can have a look around the working cider mills, taste the cider and also visit the small 16th century thatched cider barn museum on site (where the company first started from). 

So there you have it, 10 of the best cider tours in the UK. They all are unique in their own way, but what you will take from each one is expert knowledge from the cider makers, an opportunity to try the cider and a chance to soak up the beautiful scenery and picturesque locations. What a perfect way to unwind from everyday life and experience the heart of cider. Which of these cider tours are you headed to next? perry_cider

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