Cider and Black: How to Make A Posh Snakebite Cider

Cider and Black: How to Make A Posh Snakebite Cider
Any student or rugby bloke will be familiar with cider and black ‘Snakebite cider’ or its Northern counterpart the ‘Diesel’
Add beer, cider and you have got a classic Snakebite, perfect rocket fuel for a night on the tiles. Add blackcurrant cordial to the mix and you’ve got a refreshing cider and Black that is the ideal partner in crime for drinking in the sun.

Cider expert Gabe has taken the standard snakebite to the next level by using a craft beer and premium cider, mixed together with his delicious, homemade blackcurrant cordial.

Made with premium ingredients with little additives or preservatives. Just what we like to see at craftynectar!


250g Blackcurrants
125ml of water
125ml honey
traditional craft cider (available here!)
Beavertown Neck Oil IPA
So without further ado, introducing not just any Snakebite, this is the ULTIMATE Snakebite from The Ciderologist



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