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In the past few weeks it is evident that more than ever we all need to pull together, and do all we can to support each other in the cider industry. 

Lots of small independent businesses will go out of business due to this viral outbreak, and small cider makers are most at risk. With pub closures and on-trade non-existent some will not survive weeks with little or zero cash flow.  

Further, many don’t have online shops or are connected to a distributor (such as Crafty Nectar) who will be selling their stock. Equally as a small independent business ourselves (we have 1 full-time and 2 part time staff!) cashflow is a serious threat to our existence and it’s currently hard to buy new stock as a distributor. 

Well, that's enough doom and gloom. 

We have been working in the past few weeks to come up with a POSITIVE solution that can work for cider makers with a premises license. 


Visit Now (click here) This new model will allow any cider maker to ultize our platform to host their own web store, taking on new cider sales and the thousands of visitors who come to our website each month.



  • Effective online shop front - with ready made traffic.
  • Increased margins for Producers (we take no commission)
  • FREE Promotion each week to a community of +80,000
  • FREE Blog feature: One of the world's top read cider blogs

We’re also giving you promotional access to our social channels, so you craft the message and we will share across a community of 80,000 made up over twitter, facebook and instagram.If you want to do a Facebook LIVE? We’re happy to host one for you and share your cider story. We’re in it together. 

So if you’re a cider maker with a premise license, then follow the steps below to set up your shop and take advantage of our community and the awareness, and new sales you can get via our website. 

Finally, after 1- month we will look at the top new sellers in the marketplace and they will receive a spot in our best selling cider box for the next 3 months. 



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How it Works

    1. Step 1: Got a premises license? Set up your account by clicking here

    2. Step 2: Upload your products and prices (bare in mind this needs to be a delivered price)

    3. Step 3: Easily manage your incoming orders through the online portal.

    4. Step 5: link back to your page or on your website

    5. Step 7: Upload your social messages to this form: 

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Collaboration is key more than ever at this time, if we all pull together, offer our support to each other we can make this work. 

A message to our cider loving  community: it’s a tough time (so if you can afford!) please offer support and your custom will be gratefully received and will make a difference to everyone involved. 

#InThisTogether #supportlocal #UKCider 

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No premise license? Email us or call 07769345401 and we have a solution* 

*Please be aware that our cider tech team (aka James!) has only had a few days to pull this together and there may be some teething problems*

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