Crafty Nectar Cider Tasting Notes

Crafty Nectar Cider Tasting Notes

Hi Cider Lovers, 


It’s a new year and a new opportunity to discover six exciting ciders. Be gone bland and flavour free fizz and discover these deliciously complex, craft made ciders chosen by our Crafty Nectar experts. Each cider has a story, read more below.


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This month’s top pick: 


1: Dolores, Cascade Cider - ABV 4% 

From Somerset cider makers Beard and Sabre we bring you their Dolores hopped cider. Beard and Sabre’s mission is to combine the best of British cider making with brewing to create exciting and unique new flavours. Made with apples grown just down the road from Crafty Nectar, Dolores is the winner of two Great Taste stars and a silver award at the International Cider Challenge 2018. The blend of Redstreak, Tremlett and Jonagold apples is matured for two years to create a medium dry cider, light in acidity and tannins.


2: Dunkertons Medium Organic Cider - ABV 5%

Dunkertons has been making organic ciders from Herefordshire since its beginnings in 1980. Now with a state of the art pressing, fermentation and bottling facility in Cheltenham, we bring you their newest blend and flagship cider. Dunkertons Medium Organic Cider has a deep apple flavour with a moreish and well rounded finish. Well balanced acidity and tannins create a medium sweet cider for easy drinking. 


3: Worleys Harvest Moon Cider - ABV 7.2%

Worleys Harvest Moon Cider

Harvest Moon is a memorable cider created from a blend of powerful late-season bittersweet cider apples blended with bittersharp varieties from the same period of the harvest. The result is a strong, distinctive Medium cider with bags of clean character and a noticeable sherbety-citrus note.


4: Tempted, Elderflower - ABV 4%

Established in 2009 by Davy Uprichard, Tempted cider is made from apples grown in Armagh, the orchard county of Ireland. This delicate floral cider is light and fruity with a beautiful balance of elderflower and light blend apple juice. Hints of vanilla and juicy red apple make this a medium sweet cider, drawing on memories of warm summer days in this cold dark January.


5: Stones Half and Half Cider - ABV 5.5%

From father and son team Alan and Richard Stone, Stones Half and Half cider is a naturally fermented cider made from 100% cider apple juice. From a garden shed in the heart of Somerset they produce only 3,000 litres of cider a year and have still managed to bag themselves Best in Class, year after year at the British Cider Championships.


6: Bushel + Peck, Slow and Easy Cider - ABV %

Bushel + Peck make all their cider in Gloucestershire from apples that are hand picked in traditional orchards but they also rely on surplus fruit from people’s gardens. The business is run with sustainability at the heart of it, we love this and we love their cider. Slow and Easy does just what it says on the bottle, it is an easy drinker that has been matured for just a little longer. Fresh, crisp, rich and mellow, all words that spring to mind for this subtly complex and delicious cider. 


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