Cider vs Beer - Why Cider Shouldn't be Ignored


12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Drinking More Cider

If you haven’t been paying attention, cider is becoming a more popular drink these days. In fact, sales in the UK for craft cider drinks is now £1 billion, and is expected to increase in the near future. Just to give you an idea at what rate of growth we are talking about, in 2013 sales were at £812 million and just a year later sales skyrocketed to £911 million.


There is no doubt that with such a strong market sales could easily surpass £1 billion. If you are looking to get into a growing market, this might be it. Beer still has more sales, though, with £3.4 billion but they are actually on the decline since reaching an all-time high in 2009 – down from £4.7 billion.

Blame it on the economy or what have you, but it’s no secret that cider is picking up some serious steam. More people are asking for cider at their local pub. There are many reasons for this and maybe we can spell it out in the following list.

Cider Vs Beer

In support of the ongoing growth of cider here are 12 reasons why you should consider cider over beer:

  1. Music festivals. Cider is the drink for such festivities.
  2. Sipping through a straw. You might get some strange stares if you sip beer through a straw. Unless, of course, you’re at a party trying to get drunk faster. We might let it slide if that’s the case. But cider is perfect for sipping through a straw. No funny stares.
  3. Antioxidants. Want to prevent the disease from creeping in? Of course, you do. We all do. Cider has tons of antioxidants which are prime for keeping out unwanted diseases.
  4. On ice. Imagine a hot day at work and you want an ice cold beverage. Try serving beer over ice. No thanks. Cider is the perfect drink to serve with a few cold cubes.
  5. Varieties of fruit flavours. There is so much to choose from. Step inside your local pub and you can ask for cider with lime, strawberry, pear, and summer fruits. There is toffee apple ciders and more. Sure, beer can be fruity. There is apricot beer for cryin’ out loud. But let’s face it, fruit in cider is far better than fruit in beer. Imagine a strawberry beer versus a strawberry cider. Case in point. Let’s move on.
  6. Meeting Daily Allowance. Apples are healthy. We are told to eat fruits for a healthier diet. After work head to your local cider house and try a bunch of varieties. You’re guaranteed to get close to your daily allowance for fruit intake
  7. So many apples. If you like apples there are so many apples out there to choose from – we’re talking like 7,500 kinds. That’s a lot.
  8. Blackcurrant squash. Ever had it? You should. Not only is it healthy but tastes mighty fine. Now imagine cramming that into a beer. No thanks.
  9. Pork with apple sauce. Perfect combo with apple cider.
  10. Intolerance to wheat? Unfortunately, it’s true. Some folks can’t have wheat. No problem, reach for a no wheat cider and indulge.
  11. Beer is for old men. Cider – on the other hand – is enjoyed by all ages, both male and female.
  12. Cider. Ice. Lollies. ‘Nuff said.



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