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Here at Crafty Nectar we feel it is important to spread the word about the world of cider. With the massive amount of information out there it can be hard to know where to start, so to help our budding cider connoisseurs we have compiled the ultimate craft cider resource: a list of recommended resources for you to explore.


Uk - Cider Nick Morris is a 31 year old cider enthusiast from Bristol, his blog records his thoughts and feelings about anything cider related. “ I am The Ciderologist. It’s time to bring cider to the masses. Come and join me for the ride!” Bill is a cider enthusiast and evangelist, he continues to work internationally at festivals and conferences as a judge, speaker, writer and photographer. The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) is the representative body of the cider and perry industry in the UK. It represents both larger producers and the many hundreds of smaller scale cider makers. The cider wikepida This site takes you to a whole load of information about small-scale cider making.

South West of England Cidermakers Association South West of England Cidermakers’ Association (SWECA) is a group dedicated to supporting the needs of professional cider makers and apple growers in the South West region.

Three Counties Cider & Perry Association The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association was founded in 1993 by a group of craft scale cider makers who came together at the cider and perry trials run by the The Big Apple at Putley in Herefordshire.

Welsh Perry & Cider Society Since 2001 the Welsh Perry and Cider Society has been working to unite and reignite the craft cider and perry industry in Wales. Set in a former cider making factory, visitors can explore original champagne cider cellars and view cider making equipment. Old Scrump’s Cider House is one of the most valuable web resources for cider & perry enthusiast.

Cider Workshop Google Group With the largest membership of any cider-related forum, makers from around the world discuss technical issues surrounding cider making, orcharding and navigating the world of related administrative requirements. With some very experienced, professional contributors. 

USA and Canada

USA-Cider” I’m Eric West. I teach the world about cider and perry.” Make your own hard cider Learn how to make hard cider using this guide. How to Craft Cider How to craft cider

Hudson Valley Cider Alliance – Cider makers in NY’s Hudson Valley

Cider & Perry FAQs and info – Cider frequently asked questions and guide– Dan Daugherty is a cider, mead, and craft beer enthusiast in Longmont, Colorado whose growing interest in mead and cider in particular has become something of an obsession over the years.

Bramblewood Cider – a homebrewing blog Cider School – Your Resource For Cider Education

Along Came a Cider – Exploring the world, one cider at a time ..

Serious Eats – The Cider Press – Cider information from an amazing food blog

Cider with Maria – Countryside conservation and agricultural heritage issues

Cider Core – Modern Cider Blog

Cider Says – A hard cider enthusiast blog focusing on cider reviews, based in Seattle Washington.


NWCA – Northwest (Oregon/Washington, Montana/Canadian) Producers

CiderTimes – Cider industry news

HardCider International – Celebrating Hard Cider Culture

Hard Cider News – cider news informing you of everything you need to know

GLCPA – Great Lakes Cider and Perry Association

Australia & New Zealand


Cider map of Australia & New Zealand where to find cider across Australia and New Zealand Cider Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded by cider businesses and sponsors.aimming to build a sustainable cider category by undertaking activities that improve the quality of ciders produced and marketed in Australia. cider enthusiast goal is to educate consumers and let them know that there is more to just the larger, mass produced concentrated ciders which are very unauthentic Reviewing ciders from the comfort of their home.


Think we’ve missed someone? Let us know! 

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