Crafty Nectar - Promoting and selling real cider to make the cider world a better place!

Crafty Nectar - Promoting and selling real cider to make the cider world a better place!

It’s 2018…in case you forgot and the year of the Dog has just begun.  According to a good source, Dogs are…

‘Honest and just, they are popular in social circles. Everyone needs a Dog friend for advice and help. They are also good at helping others find and fix their bad habits.’

Well here at Crafty Nectar, we can relate to that or me and James can, not sure Ed fits the popular part…But seriously Crafty Nectar is turning 3 this year and we are pushing harder than ever along with the support of the great cider-makers we work with to spread the word about REAL cider. We want you to pick up cider to drink and enjoy it, rather then drink it for the sake of it. It’s out there, you just need to look that bit harder!

“ Crafty Nectar have proved to us that they have the knowledge and passion for real cider and are integral to craft producers like us in getting the word out about what’s different about this great product vs. tired commercial junk cider! We’re certainly keen to continue using them as a route to market for our products”

Rory Souter – Cotswold Cider Co.

We are not against people drinking Thatchers or Bulmers, any of these big cideries who are producing cider on an industrial scale. At the end of the day, taste is subjective, we just want to make sure that you are aware of the differences between what the smaller cideries are trying to achieve and why you would pay a premium for their cider.

What’s difficult for them is that, cider has a stigma attached to it, a loss of respect and we are really miffed about this! So our simple mission is to inform you of the differences between cider that we have all come to know over the last couple of decades and real cider that is being produced all over Britain and Europe that really makes for a fantastic beverage. We source and sell real ciders on behalf of talented cider-makers and it’s thanks to their passion and hard work, that we can make it more accessible to the general public to enjoy.

“Crafty Nectar connects us with cider lovers around the country that we otherwise just wouldn’t be able to reach”

Phil Turner – Turner’s Cider, Kent

So lets make it simple: Our ciders are FREE of concentrate, which means its 100% pressed apple juice, they are gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans which basically translates to that the ciders are free of a tonne of additives. It’s cider, as it should be, which ultimately gives the drinker a very rewarding cider drinking experience. The hope is, that the more people that buy real cider and the more support these cider-makers receive, the more diverse the industry will become! Old and lost varieties can make a come back, more orchards will be planted across the country and basically continue to bring the cider industry back up to date! Cider has been produced here in Britain for close to a thousand years, lets give it the love and respect it deserves!

Purchase your Crafty Nectar Subscription online to get real ciders delivered to your door every month to discover the best ciders out there!

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