Dark Fruit Cider: Homemade Strongbow Dark Fruits


Strongbow dark fruits is everywhere, it’s increasingly popular and despite our objections to ‘commercial ciders’ we do understand the appeal of an easy-drinking fruit cider especially as the weather starts improving. However, the only thing we think dark fruit cider has going for it, is that is easily accessible, and that shouldn't be the only reason to drink something! So we’ve come up with an alternative - homemade Strongbow dark fruits - made with real fruits!

Strongbow dark fruits, much like many ‘commercial’ ciders on the market is full of artificial flavours, additives, sweeteners and contains a rather low fruit count. We’re big supporters of real cider, because after all cider should be all about that wonderful fruit - and if doesn't contain much it’s not really cider is it?! Real cider is also much healthier for you, with no added sugar or additives you can drink it safe in the knowledge it’s not doing your insides a disharm. But we know that some of you out there might love the taste of these commercial ciders, despite the fact it's a cider is disguise and full of crap!

So we’ve come up with a solution - make your own healthy version! This dark fruit cider cocktail can be made from the comfort of your own home, and we’re willing to bet it tastes a whole lot better than that Strongbow dark fruits you’ve been drinking. Made from real fruit and real cider this cocktail, by comparison, contains a whole lot less sugar, and you can be safe in the knowledge you know exactly what's going into it! - You can even adjust to taste!



Dark Fruit Cider Recipe. What you’ll need:

For the Cordial -

Blackberries - 200g

Raspberries - 200g

Apples - 1

Caster sugar - 400g

Lemon - 1


For the Cocktail

Gin 50ml

Dry craft cider - to taste

Blackberry to garnish

Raspberry to garnish

Mint to garnish


Homemade Dark Fruit Cider Method

To make the dark fruits cordial -

Heat the oven to 180C/fan.

Put the blackberries,raspberries  apple chunks, sugar, lemon and mint together in a dish

Add 400ml water

Bake in the oven for 30-45 minutes, or until the fruit gives up its juice and the sugar has dissolved.

Strain and leave to cool.

To Make the Homemade Strongbow Dark Fruits cocktail - 

Add ice to glass

Pour the gin and cordial over the ice

Fill the remainder of the glass with cider (to taste) and gently mix together

Garnish with a sprig of mint and any remaining blackberries and raspberries.


It’s as easy as that! We know grabbing a can of Strongbow dark fruits from the supermarket might be the ‘easy’ option, but you’re doing yourself a disservice, why fill your body with artificial crap when you can easily have something that tastes better and is better for you! We’re willing to bet if you make this for your friends and family at your next get together they won’t be wanting the canned version next time. So pick the healthy - better-tasting option - because you deserve it!

Don’t forget to share your dark fruit cider attempts!

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