Fruit Cider Gift Set: 3 Bottles Including Rhubarb Cider

Introducing the new cider gift set of 3 award-winning ciders, including our award-winning Crafty Nectar no.8 Rhubarb cider. All 100% fresh-pressed, gluten-free ciders with no artificial nasties!

Crafty Nectar has now added a 3 bottle gift box to their current cider gift set range. You can now send out a mix of 3 craft ciders to friends and family to discover real cider. The very swanky looking box, if we do say so ourselves, is a great gift for anyone looking to taste new and interesting styles of cider from small cideries across the country and further afield. Each month we will cherry-pick 3 of our favourites for you, your mates or family members to enjoy sumptuous ciders! With Spring and Summer fast approaching…please hurry up…it makes for a great little pack to take round to BBQ’s or the beach, where you can unwind without over-doing it!


The 3 pack is the easy way of getting a hold of some cracking ciders that you can’t find down the local supermarket. These fruit ciders have passed our tasting test and will hopefully blow you away with how good real cider can be! There are so many unique and individual ciders being produced out in the countryside and in the city, people just need to experience them to properly understand cider! So go on, treat yourself or a friend to one of these super 3 packs!


This month’s 3 bottle gift pack features some real standout ciders from Crafty Nectar that have recently won awards in the International Cider Challenge.  



Made from 100% fresh pressed apples. Dabinett, Michelin, Harry Masters and Yarlington Mill. This cider is medium, mellow and sparkling. Crafty Nectar No.7 was created from 1000's of reviews online (we have the UK's no.1 cider club) Vegan friendly and Gluten free, it’s blended from the finest, freshest pressed apples helping the No.7 ooze with flavour.



Crafty Nectar No.8 Rhubarb Craft Cider is a sweet and sour cider with a tart edge. The Yorkshire sourced Rhubarb makes this cider a proper tangy taste with just the right amount of sweet flavours and aromas. A perfect refreshment for those looking for a premium fruit cider with 100% real fruit.

The initial taste is full of sharp tingling (rhubarb-like) acidity, which is followed by gentle fizz and you start to detect the rhubarb coming through slowly. The finish is very complex; buttery and almost vanilla like - rhubarb crumble with custard in taste. 



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