Heineken and cider? Heineken Launches Blind Pig Craft Cider


Heineken and cider? Heineken Launches Blind Pig Craft Cider

Heineken has recently launched their craft cider that is representative of the prohibition era. Numerous folks who don’t always find that beer suites the palate will be impressed with this brand new cider that is blended with other spirits.

Back in the prohibition era in the United States, a trip to an odd blind pig show would get patrons a complementary bootlegged bottle of brew. This underground drinking combined with this bizarre show was one way people could get their alcoholic fix and this became known as “Blind Pigs.”

Jump ahead almost a century and Heineken is crafting a cider and spirit blend called Blind Pig which has been inspired by the underground drinking habits which were most common during the 1920s.

Crafted in Belgium, this is a crafted cider and notes a brave change aimed at cider lovers who like a taste of the non-traditional flavors. This Blind Pig cider comes in flavors such as Whiskey, Honey and Apple; Bourbon and Blueberry; and Rum and Poached Pear.

At the beginning of the launch, Heineken was looking for a smaller launch with less marketing so it started off with Blind Pig varieties being offered in less than 30 bars and expected to be in 3,000 by the end of the year. The world’s largest brewer won’t make any strives to market it though.

Jacco van der Linden, the Heineken marketing director says the goal is for ‘people to discover it.’ In fact, while it’s no secret that Heineken is the distributor, the goal is to keep people wondering who actually is behind the manufacturing of such cider.

Blended with spirits, this is a whole new level of innovation for Heineken in hopes that it will become a new trend. This trend has already taken off in the beer industry. Blended flavors add a whole new level of taste, sophistication, and premium flavor.

Inspired by the 1920 speakeasies, the Blind Pig was taken from an idea to a concept. Heineken is in high hopes that it adds value and makes the terms of the business model a bit more challenging by keeping it on the down low. Even the bottling is modeled off of the vintage American whiskey bottles.

They also come wrapped in 1920 style newspaper designed and sealed up. Even the crates of beer look like old rustic wood. All of this and it is being pushed as a premium product with numerous bars selling it for as much as £7.50 per bottle.

Heineken hopes that it grows big but grows slowly which is why they took the marketing approach the way they did. It is a high-end product with a limited distribution. This means when people hear of it or discover it, they will be geared up and ready to give it a taste.

The demographic is cultural influencers in the age range of 21-27 years old. Think Shoreditch hipster type. This might just help it go mainstream. Plus, with the mixture of flavors, it is a gender neutral beverage with a little bit of fruity combined with the bitterness.

While distribution will build, Blind Pig will only be offered at the higher end retailers. Heineken, however, is thinking that there will be a roll out of marketing on social media as the main platform which helps maintain a low profile on Blind Pig. This is an attempt to work on strategy of how products are found and if it never takes off as a popular drink, failure was not an option but success wasn’t ever in the cards either.


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