Introducing The Ciderologist Limited Edition Box

Introducing The Ciderologist Limited Edition Box

IT'S HERE!!!! The Ciderologist specially curated box has dropped at Crafty Nectar HQ and it’s ready to ship. 

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Global cider ambassador Gabe Cook (as seen on C4!) has picked some cider legends, rebels, movers and shakers and some damn FINE Perry! 🍎🍐✨

Here is what he has to say:


Hello, Cider Fans!

My name is Gabe and I am The Ciderologist (yes, it is a made-up word). I am a cider consultant writer, educator and all-round advocate for this amazing drink and this growing category. I’ve even got a book coming out in September, naturally called Ciderology (available for pre-order on Amazon now!)

Those Crafty boys, Ed and James, have very kindly asked me to curate this June box, and inside you will find a range of different drinks that demonstrate the skill and intricacy of cider and perry making. We’ve got naturally sweet keeved cider, bone dry single variety cider, light and floral perry, in-bottle fermented cider, fruity tannic cider, and cider from an award-winning orchard. Not bad, eh?!

Cider and perry are the most amazingly versatile drinks – there is something for every occasion. But, so often these drinks are loaded with negative preconceptions.

Well, hopefully, this box will demonstrate that cider and perry can exude all of the finesse of a fine wine and all of the boldness and character of a craft beer.


Gabe Cooke

Ciderologist Box - Cider Tasting Notes


1) This Month’s TOP PICK - Ross on Wye - Tremlett's Bitter 6.2% ABV

From just three grand old trees grown in the Old Orchard on Broome Farm. This cider is made using the juice of Tremletts Bitter Apples and is fermented using wild yeast. It is then left to mature for 12 months before being bottled. A gentle mid palate cider with fruity tones that is lip-smackingly dry. Enjoy.


2) Wide Eyes Cider - Night Owl 6% ABV

A light medium dry cider, that is straw like in colour. Good levels of acidity and tannins meaning this all rounder is sure to float the boat of the majority of cider drinkers out there. Very nice indeed!

3) Presshead Cider - Ital Drop 4.5% ABV

Ital Drop is crafted from fresh English apples using the traditional process of keeving to keep the sweetness of the fruit, making this medium sweet cider fresh, vital and fruity, just as nature intended.

4) Impens 8 - Medium 6% ABV

Impens Eight Cider is made from eight varieties of bittersweet apple, which creates something rather special. Grown within a medieval deer park, these traditional standard orchards play a part in a cider making process the stays true to the cider makers art. Winner of 2018 Orchard of the Year.

5) Perrys Cider - Puffin 6.5% ABV

Perry’s bottled conditioned ciders are produced as simply and as naturally as possible - using the very best fresh apples, small batch techniques, wild yeasts and 100% juice. The cider is then left to mature in wood before final conditioning in the bottle. The result is a full bodied naturally sparkling cider, complete with sediment. Enjoy!

6) Olivers Cider - Oldfield Single Varietal Perry 5% ABV

Oliver’s single varietal “Oldfield” still perry. Medium sweetness, the bittersharp character beautifully balanced by the residual sweetness. The Herefordshire grown Oldfield perry pears are fermented by wild yeasts and matured for 8 months and then bottled for maximum taste.


One hell of a lineup! It gets even better with our 12 box...

7. Presshead Cider - Double Zero 5.8% ABV
Blended from multiple vintages to give a smooth dry cider this dry yet not mouth-puckering, high floral notes lead Double Zero to smokey territory then fills your palate with blossom.

8. Wild Eyes Cider - Little Star 4.5% ABV
This pear cider is made using perry pears and is delicate and light just like a nice prosecco. To taste it is sweet but the acidity cuts through meaning it doesnt become sickly and on the nose its vibrant and floral, everything you would expect from a great perry. It might come in a 500ml bottle but serve this baby in a nice wine glass.

9. Olivers Cider - Stoke Red 5.5% ABV
Oliver’s single varietal “Stoke Red” still cider. Medium Sweet, the bittersharp character beautifully balanced by the residual sweetness. The Herefordshire grown Stoke Red cider apples are fermented by wild yeasts and matured for 8 months and then bottled.

10. Saxby’s Cider - Rhubarb 3.9% ABV
Yorkshire rhubarb and Saxby’s Cider - a match made in sparkling cider heaven! A light cider with a balance of sweetness and acidity with a full rhubarb finish.

11. Ramborn Cider - Hopped Cider 7.4% ABV
Ramborn have taken some the their beloved Luxembourgish cider and infused it with American-grown whole-cone Cascade hops. Cascade hails from Oregon in the USA’s pacific Northwest. Cascade hops adds a lovely sweet limeyness to a rather well balanced cider, perfectly paired with mexican or spicy food.

12. Saxby’s Cider - Plum 3.8% ABV
Saxby’s Original Cider has been blended with plum juice to create a mouth-watering medley of mists and mellow fruitfulness. It’s an eminently drinkable, fresh, crisp fruit cider that is great with spicy food. Winner of a Great Taste 2017 2-Star Award.



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