Irish Cider - 9 of the Best Irish Cider Brands

Irish Cider - 9 of the Best Irish Cider Brands

It’s not always craft beer time but instead fresh craft cider time! For Irish cider connoisseurs, there are a huge variety of ciders to spoil you. These top-quality Irish ciders are becoming the rage in Ireland as the cider enthusiasts begin to evolve this delicious drink of fermented apples.

Here is a list of the top 9 Irish cider brands to try when you’re seeking something a little sweeter in life.

1. Dan Kelly’s Cider
With a taste of sunshine in a bottle, this cider is widely available in the Irish country. While fermented in Drogheda, this is one cider that is on the rise and it is also Gluten free. Tip up a bottle!

2. Falling Apple Making a mark on the craft beer market, this delicious cider comes from Carlow Brewing Company. This Irish craft cider is one of the brewery’s first and is a tad bit bitter without too much sweetness. No one bottles summer up like the experience of this cider.

3. Stonewell Cider Stonewell’s Tobairin Irish Craft Cider is like a Celtic summer in a bottle. Using the slogan, “Discover the Elixir,” you might just have found the fountain of youth. Quite tasty on the hot sticky days or even the cold ones if you may!

4. Longueville House Cider Well, you may be up for just drinking but this Irish craft cider has a nice medium dry flavor that is divine for the palate along with a plate of food. The Longueville House Irish Cider comes from Rebel County, Ireland. Your friends will be envious.

5. Craigies Irish Cider Made with apples from Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny, and Tipperary, this ciders made in Wicklow. There are two different types for you to choose including Dalliance and Ballyhook Flyer.

6. Tempted As if a little bit of sunshine in a bottle wasn’t tempting enough, a delicious apple fruit-flavored cider is amazing. Tempted. Its name speaks for itself so go forth and be seducted by its tempting flavor.

7. Cockagee Pure Irish Keeved Cider
A long name and a bottle that looks like a tiny bottle of wine, this is one of the best imports ever from Meath (besides Pierce Brosnan). Cockagee Pure Irish Cider is award winning and it is the only one in Ireland made through the ancient method of keeving. How’s that for primitive yet delicious?

8. Orpens Cider  Have made a craft cider that proudly sings of its Irish origins. To do that we need to work with fresh apple juice that’s as unprocessed as possible. It gets even more interesting as ‘Orpens’ is named after the first female professional jockey in the world who raced against men, just like the Nee Orpen, the cider has a ” inspiring, indomitable spirit.” If you want to get fancy, Orphens’ website even has a recipes for delicious cider cocktails.

9. Llewellyn’s Double L Cider
Don’t let all those L’s fool you as you get tongue twisted. Untwist that tongue with this delicious Irish craft cider. The produce from Llewellyn’s Orchard comes from this family-ran business found in Lusk, Co. Dublin. If you have been to the Temple Bar Food Market, you might be familiar with their fruit. Besides producing apple juice and cider vinegar, the orchard creates its own cider. Try Bone Dry Cider if you are feeling posh or Medium Dry Cider if you want something a little sweeter.

So get your taste for a delicious tipple and maybe this counts toward your recommended intake of daily fruit? Who knows!


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