Mother’s Day Cider Pick: Stunning 3 Pack of Ciders

Mother’s Day Cider Pick: Stunning 3 Pack of Ciders


Mother’s Day Cider Gifts

31st of March – Probably the most important date of the year! If you forget it, then it’s likely you’re in the dog house for a while, whether it’s for your mother or the mother of your children, it’s a date you don’t want to forget!

We’ve gone with 3 completely different ciders, with the idea of showing her the broad spectrum of flavor profile within the cider-world and how they are a great alternative to other heavier and stronger alcoholic beverages such as wine.

All of our ciders are made with 100% pressed apple juice, free of concentrate, which is why when you taste these ciders, you will notice a complete different cider drinking experience and will be pleasantly surprised at how good cider can be! And because they are free of a ton of additives, they are suitable for coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians.



So what you waiting for…


This is a blend of sweet cider, apple juice and Davy’s own strawberry wine.

Ripe strawberry and fresh red apple with hints of vanilla.

Subtle strawberry and dessert apple cider combine to give this flavoured cider a fresh and fruity experience. Perfectly ripe strawberry and sweet apple juice merge to give a very natural strawberries and cream experience.

Fresh, fruity, strawberry, vanilla and floral notes with a natural red apple sweetness.

Longaller Mill Reserve - Taunton Cider Company

Taunton Cider Co are back with phenomenal form. The Longaller Mill is a beautiful medium cider made using classic cider apple varieties, all from a single orchard at Longaller Mill in Somerset. A blend of Yarlington Mill, Sweet Coppin, Improved Lambert Pippin and Tom Putt gives a rich, rounded, complex character to the cider with a lingering tannic finish. 

Light, fruity notes with delicate toffee undertones.

A nice rich, rounded, complex character to the cider. 

Smooth, light toffee notes with a lingering tannic finish. The taste of summer sunshine in a glass!

CRAFTY NECTAR NO.8 Rhubarb Cider


Light, fruity notes with sharp crushed apple scents with a subtle background of rhubarb.

The initial taste is full of sharp tingling (rhubarb-like) acidity, which is followed by gentle fizz and you start to detect the rhubarb coming through slowly.

The finish is very complex; buttery and almost vanilla like - rhubarb crumble with custard in taste. 




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