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November's Subscription Box Tasting Notes.

Hi Cider Lover,

Welcome to Crafty Nectar the No.1 service to discover craft cider.  Crafty Nectar has been created to connect people with exciting ciders that are made in the traditional way: no concentrates, no artificial flavourings

It’s time to move away from bland, flavour free fizz and to something ambitious, delicious and craft-made. That’s why we provide cider discovery in a box!

This box has got some really special ciders. You will have the chance to try products from Somerset, Wiltshire and Kent and every bottle has got a unique tasting story that you will love.

For more information on the ciders that are in your box, have a read through the tasting notes on the next page.

To be in with a chance to win a FREE box, don't forget to share pics of your favourite ciders via Instagram & Twitter adding #Snapmycider

Viva La Cider Revolution!

Cheers Ed

Tasting Notes

  1. This Month's TOP PICK -  Dorset Starlight 4% by West Milton.

Made from the finest Dorset cider apples fermented in the time honoured way. Dorset Starlight is completely natural with no sulphites or other additives. It is a medium cider with a still finish that is incredibly moreish.


  1. Turners Cider  - Rhubard -  5% ABV

Blended with fresh-pressed Kentish rhubarb, this cider is sweet, juicy and very refreshing.


  1. Hogans Cider - Killer Sharp  5.8 % ABV

Like all of Hogans blends it’s made from 100% pressed apples, but this one comes with added rebellion for those of you feeling a little daring. Fresh, earthy and sharp, the flavours carry a fierce tangy apple edge that’s super refreshing. Cheers to the brave... this is killer!


  1. Circle Cider - Cats Tonge 4.5% ABV

Made with only cider apples it's a bold cider full of flavour. Tasting like a traditional cider should, it’s a rustic blend with bite evoking a sense of times past. Cats Tonge is also an award winner too, being Highly Commended in 2015, by Taste of the West. It’s best served slightly chilled to appreciate the multifaceted flavour or this cider.


  1. Bumble Bee Cider - Hard Cider  4.5 % ABV

Medium-dry, lightly sparkling. Robust and complex tannic structure, rolling from sweet to dry with a sun-baked West Country aroma. Refreshingly moreish.


  1. Gainley and Nash - Sparkling Medium - 4% ABV  

This cider has been crafted using a blend of apples from orchards in the village of Kenn. This include cider apples like Michelin, Harry Master Jersey, Bulmer’s Norman and Browns apple blended with a selection of eating apples like gala and cooking apples like brambleys. This produces a cider with a full mouth feel, balanced with sweetness, sharpness and tannic dryness.


  1. West Milton Cider Co. - Moonlight  5% ABV

A natural cider made from a blend of bittersweet cider apples, with no additives, and fermented slowly to a medium flavour. It is then fully filtered, pasteurised and bottled with a small amount of CO2 added to enhance the drinking experience.

  1. West Milton Cider Co. - Twilight 5% ABV

Like the Dorset Starlight this is made from the same base cider but allowed to ferment for longer to produce a more traditional dry finish much appreciated by cider connoisseurs. It is completely natural with no sulphites or other additives.

  1. Turners Cider - Apple Pie 4% ABV

A little winter warmer for you, flavoured with spices and sweetened with fresh apple juice. Equally delicious hot or cold.

  1. Hogans Cider - French Revelation -  4.8% ABV

This fresh pressed drop is smooth and oh so velvety with a big tannic punch followed by a mature, wild and fruity flavour that only years of craft could perfect. It’s delightful and surprising in equal measure, the French proving that sometimes the old ways are still the best. Enjoy!

  1. Hogans Cider - High Sobriety  1% ABV

High by name but low by nature. This light, refreshing and gently sparkling low alcohol cider is no less authentically fresh pressed than any of Hogans other brilliantly tasty ciders, just without the same inebriating qualities. As always, it’s the tannins that make for a deliciously moreish tipple, making this appley drop beautifully well balanced without being too sweet.

  1. Taunton Cider - Original Medium  4 %ABV

Not to be confused with the horrible white cider that was called Taunton Cider back in the 90’s. This Taunton Original Medium is made from Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey and Yarlington Mill apples and its easy drinking stuff.


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