Welcome to Crafty Nectar the No.1 cider box to discover real cider.  Crafty Nectar has been created to connect people with exciting real cider that are made in the traditional way: no concentrates, no artificial flavourings

It’s time to move away from bland, flavour free fizz and to something ambitious, delicious and craft-made. That’s why we provide real cider discovery in a box!

This box has got some really special ciders, you will have the chance to try products from all over the UK and every bottle has got a unique tasting story that you will love.

For more information on the ciders that are in your real cider box, have a read through the tasting notes on the next page.


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  1. This Month’s TOP PICK – Kentish Pip – Skylark 5.6%

Skylark is a next generation sparkling cider, popping with big notes of fresh Kentish dessert apples, followed by a flourish of complex cider tannins. Slow fermentation of this special blend of dessert and cider varieties, creates a medium dry, deeply refreshing cider for people who expect nothing but the best.


  1. Fowey Valley  – Castledor Cider –  6.5% ABV

This ciders name ‘Castledore’ is taken from the iron age fort Castle Dore which stands just a few hundred meters from the Fowey Valley orchard.  Expect a wonderfully refreshing, medium dry, lightly carbonated cider. It is very clean on the palate, well balanced and the beautiful golden blush colour is completely natural.


  1. Perry’s Cider – Morgan Sweet 6% ABV


The Morgan Sweet is a pure sweet apple which ferments rapidly making it the first cider of the season. It produces a naturally sweet sparkling cider with a strong persistently fruity flavour. Serve chilled and enjoy with good food or simply by itself.


  1. Pearson’s Cider – Dry Cider 6.7% ABV

Pearson’s Dry Cider is a clear, lightly sparkling real cider. It gets its distinctive ‘bite’ from the Redstreaks, while the vintage quality of Harry Master’s & Yarlington Mill give it a rounded, well balanced finish.


  1. The Special Cider Company – Cider House Special  7.3 % ABV

This little beauty certainly packs a punch. Although its 7.3% ABV it’s a smooth tasting sweet cider that is full of flavour. It’s nice and easy on the pallet so a perfect accompaniment to food.


  1. Tutts Clump – Traditional Farm House – 6% ABV

An award-winning medium real cider that’s a blend of cooking and crab apples. This crisp refreshing eastern counties style cider is a traditionalists dream.


  1. Perry’s Cider – Dabinett 6 % ABV

Fermented using wild yeast’ to keep the fermentation slow and cold. Perrys have produced a well-balanced medium to sweet cider with soft astringency and a full-bodied flavour. This real cider is lightly sparkling to lift the full apple flavour and aroma.



  1. Tutts Clump – Mango Cider  6% ABV

Someone call the cider police! We have sent out a craft cider in a can. Looking past the can this medium sweet cider is blended with real mango juice and is naturally carbonated.


  1. Pearson’s Cider – Medium Dry 4% ABV

Pearson’s Medium Dry Real Cider is a clear, lightly sparkling intensely appley cider. It is made from 100% fresh pressed juice using only vintage quality bittersweet cider apples. Don’t forget to serve lightly chilled!


  1. Tutts Clump – Special Reserve –  6% ABV

This is certainly a special cider as it suggests. It’s dry, traditional and masterfully made real cider.


  1. Perry’s Cider – Puffin 5 % ABV

This real cider is left to mature in wooden barrels before its final conditioning into the bottle. The result is a full-bodied naturally sparkling cider, complete with sediment.  Its only made in very small batches so enjoy!


  1. Perry’s Cider – Barn Owl  6.5 %ABV

Perry’s have followed four important rules with this cider: naturally fermented, using ‘wild yeast’, small batch techniques, 100% juice and of course using only traditional bittersweet and bittersharp apple varieties.

The resulting cider produces a lightly sparkling medium cider, left unfiltered for a more authentic taste.


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