The Easy Guide to Fine Cider Let us start by taking a trip back in time. We’re going back to the late 17th century and our destination is Herefordshire. I’d like you to imagine you are a rather affluent individual attending...
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The Ultimate Guide to Basque Cider
There is no certain evidence about when sagardoa started to be made in the Basque Country. Sagardoa is the name in Basque for cider, and means literally apple (sagar) wine (ardoa). What we know is that apples and cider have been present in this part of Europe for centuries, and still is a living tradition producing about 13 million liters yearly, mainly consumed by Basques (about 2 million people).
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USA’S Hard Cider Revolution
Mention hard cider ten years ago and you might have been presented with some confused looks. But recently in the United States we’ve seen a surge in hard cider consumption and the revival of hard cider is officially underway.  With...
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