Discover craft cider this month with our cider box tasting notes.

February has had a lot going on this year, we have been recognised as ‘innovators in the cider industry,’ and were invited to the Houses of Parliament with other cider movers and shakers to champion craft cider.

We also teamed up with The Stables to hold our first CRAFT CIDER tasting evening and to top that all off we have set up a Crafty Nectar exclusive for you to try in your box.

This month’s cider box has got some really special ciders, you will have the chance to try products from Ireland, Somerset and Herefordshire and every bottle has got a unique tasting story that you will love.


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  1. This Month’s TOP PICK – Tempted Cider – Medium  5.4%

This cider has a generous proportion of bittersweet cider apples at its core. Tempted then take this mellow juice and blend it with dessert apples to give it a fruity nose. Real depth of flavour and a long smooth finish gives you a cider that should not be missed.


  1. Iford Cider – Rushwood 5.5% ABV

This is an exclusive cider for Crafty Nectar as you will not be able to find this anywhere else. Iford make this lightly sparkling dry cider on the Iford Manor estate using only traditional methods. Its fruity and mellow with a nice dry finish.


  1. Wilce’s Cider – Medium 6% ABV  

A smooth, well balanced, slightly carbonated 100% juice cider, bursting with apple and that glorious distinctive aftertaste you only get with bittersweet cider apples.


  1. Hogans Cider – Killer Sharp and Sour Cider 5.8% ABV

A fresh, earthy and rebellious cider with a fierce and tangy soured apple edge. This is a feisty but proper cider with a twist, Hogans proving once again that they certainly know what they are doing.


  1. Duddas Tun – Blackcurrant Cider 4% ABV

A medium/sweet blend of cider and blackcurrant juice. Deep and rich in colour, and with the flavour of bursting blackcurrants, and apple undertones. A perfect blend of sweetness and soft acidity.

  1. Tempted Cider – Sweet 5%ABV

Another brilliant cider from Tempted. Their sweet cider is very pleasing to drink and has an ever so slightly dry finish. Definitely one to quench your thirst.


  1. Duddas Tun Medium – Crackling Rosie Perry –  7.5% ABV

One of the first ciders to be made at Pine Trees Farm, this cider is a blend of Russet, Cox and Bramley apples. Not as heady as its strength suggests, this golden, medium cider is packed full of flavour.


  1. Tempted Cider – Elderflower  6% ABV

Some flavours are meant to go together and we think pairing elderflower and apples is a winning combination. This medium dry cider is light and fruity with distinctive tones of elderflower.

  1. Wilce’s Cider – Sweet 6% ABV  

A subtle and delicately sweet carbonated cider with a natural golden colour producing a blend of authentic cider tastes.


  1. Wilce’s Cider – Dry 6%ABV

A fresh, crisp, dry, subtly carbonated, 100% juice cider, rich in flavour and wonderful fruity after tones.

  1. Iford Cider – Peto Press 5% ABV

A lightly sparkling medium cider handmade on the Iford Manor estate. These are the new boys on the block and have only been making cider for the last year, based on this cider they certainly have a bright future.


  1. Tempted Cider – Dry 5.7% ABV

Not bone dry, Tempted have delivered a cider with a crisp and refreshing finish that is fruity, and floral. Perfect for pairing with food.

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