The Ciderthon 2019 - What's It All About?


The Ciderthon 5th May 2019 - Taunton Somerset #RunMilesDrinkCider

We caught up with Nikki Hawkes the founder of the Ciderthon to find out why we should be running miles and drinking some cider this May Bank Holiday. 

What is Ciderthon?

Why did you pick cider and not wine or beer? I'm Somerset born and bred and in this part of the world, we can't live without that beautiful golden juice. Lets' show the runners of the world what the West Country is made of!

What are the most difficult but exciting challenges you face organising this event?

A closed road half marathon in a place like Taunton is no easy feat, but working out how to make each cider stop as fun and full of energy as possible is currently our big aim.

You win your weight in cider for the fancy dress competition... what would make your head turn and who's judging?

We round up the votes from the stewards and cider sommeliers who will be manning our cider stops! Looking for innovative, adventurous with attention to detail. Cidery/South West themed outfits always do well!

Got any training tips or tipples for the big day?

Practice running with water so that you're used to having a drink. On the day pace yourself and take in the views! Taste carefully and enjoy the ciders to make sure you find your perfect one.


Describe what cider is to you in 3 words:

Tasteful, Golden, Cheeky.


Cider fact of the day:

Apple cider and cinnamon pancakes make for a very good shrove Tuesday!

If you could change one thing about the cider industry what would it be?

To be more focused on giving experiences to the drinker, not just taste. Experience is a huge part of why someone is going to pick your cider over many, many options beyond cider when you're at a bar.

How would you train for a cider half marathon?

Train for a normal half marathon... then reward myself after every long run with a cider or pub visit!


Sum up today's current cider world in one sentence:

Today's cider world is adventurous as ever, testing boundaries of flavour and recruiting a new unconventional following.

Nikki, tell us whats your favourite cider?

I don't have a 'favourite'... but I do have a soft spot for a Bumblebee gribble.


What's the future of craft cider?

Experience led, combined with contemporary flavours!

And finally, I couldn't live without...

My running shoes and a bar within running distance!

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