Tryanuary with Crafty Nectar and Co.

Tryanuary with Crafty Nectar and Co.

Anybody else, already bored of January…lets be honest it’s a fairly miserable and long month isn’t it…Probably because of all this dry January nonsense being banged in to us…Why don’t those people just put a sock in it. There is so much top notch booze out there and only so much time to try a small percentage of it! Not to sound like a massive tippler or anything, but it’s true (everything in moderation ofcourse)

So lets help you get through the January blues by pouring fuel on to the fire with a bit more booze! Carpe Diem I say. By which I mean, lets give our taste buds something new to talk about…Lets liven this month up, by exploring and discovering some new beverages, that will make it that little bit more bearable! Get out there to your independent establishments and give yourself a little boozy project by picking up something new…taste and tweet into us, using the #tryanuary and #craftynectar to let us know what you made of it…And if we haven’t twisted your arm enough, then we will give a £5 pound discount to each tweeter for our subscription case.

I mean if you’re going to have a little tipple this month, then it might as well be something outside your palette’s comfort zone…Mead, Cider or Perry, get out there, rain or shine and take that bored palette of yours on an alcohol adventure to new textures and tastes!

This article, funnily enough, coincides with two new products that are coming soon to - Release dates will follow shortly.

NEW – Gosnells Mead, London. 5.5% ABV

Light, crisp and refreshing with slight fizz, and delicate floral and citrus notes. London Mead is a delicious and unique drink that places our honey blend front and centre stage

NEW – Liberty Fields Apple Vodka, Dorset.

Porter’s Perfection is a remarkable apple, late harvested, deep red and with fantastically fused fruits and a truly unique taste. We have used this together with wheat grain, beautifully soft spring water, and complementary botanicals to create Porter’s Perfection Vodka. The result is like the first bite of the apple. Porter’s Perfection is delicious as a sipping vodka: pure, smooth and with a slightly peppery finish adding an extra dimension.

Products from #DryJan Available to buy and try below!



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  • Alice Frost

    I bloody love Iford Cider all of their styles are great but the Rushwood is particularly good.

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