Come Together This World Cider Day

Come Together This World Cider Day

No matter where you're from, there's nothing like cracking open a fresh bottle of delicious cider. The World Cider day on June 3rd celebrates this wonderful, versatile and delicious drink.

What is World Cider Day?

The World Cider Day marks the beginning of the apple cider season world over and brings cider lovers together to celebrate with several special events and activities, all while enjoying countless varieties of cider

Who is involved?

This initiative is taken by members of the Association of Apple Wine and Fruit Juice Press Houses in Hesse (Verband der Hessischen Apfelwein-und Fruchsaft-Keltereien e.V.). They are far more than just an association that organizes such events since they are also regarded as nature conservationists by protecting and safeguarding local meadow orchards in Hesse.

Several establishments throughout Germany and Hesse support The World Cider Day including various apple wine inns, trendy bars and restaurants. The Association of the Frankfurt Apple Wine Innkeepers, Naturschutz-Akademie Hessen (LINK) and the marketing association MGH GUTES AUS HESSEN GmbH are also some very prominent supporters of this celebratory event.

What are the objectives of World Cider Day?

World Cider Day provides an international platform for all apple cider nations. All apple cider lovers, press houses, innkeepers and retailers from around the world can promote activities in their local languages themselves. World Apple Cider day also aims to provide information on apple cider and its meaning for nature conservation

World Cider Day UK Events

The Stable Cider Awards 2019 launch: cider makers from all over the UK have participated in the first round. (Find out more here) The competition will run throughout the year and will be judged by cider experts and customers. The ciders will be available at all The Stable locations for six months during which customers can vote for their favourites.


Westons Cider is celebrating the World Cider Day on 3rd June, –, with four guided Cider Mill tours. Delicious food offerings (with a cider theme) from the Scrumpy House and Orchard Tea Rooms (Tour Packages available).


Celebration at Dunkertons Cider Company - a fun-filled, cider-centric event for the entire family. With music by DJ Lisa Unique, Champions League screenings, a kids zone and much more.



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