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Craft Cider Insider

Love craft cider? This is the place for you!

We've got all the best cider action from around the world: expert articles, fine cider spotlights, cider debates, incider knowledge and Crafty Nectar are always the first for cutting edge innovation/insights.

This cider blog is about improving the way cider is perceived, educating people that there is so much more to cider than the mass produced brands dominating the market.

The craft cider revolution starts here! #ReThinkCider

Reese Witherspoon's Fizzy Cider Cocktail

Reese Witherspoon's "Fizzy Apple Cider" gives the Aperol spritz an autumnal and much needed cider upgrade.  The st...

8 of the Best Alcohol Free Ciders

Let’s picture this – a chilled drink in your hand, some upbeat music on the stereo, and good company. Sounds like the...

'Cider Voice Ben' Reviews Crafty Nectar

Shortly after the publication of my first article “Why You Should Care About Cider” Ed reached out to me to ask if I ...

Ciders & Perries with Wine like Qualities

Despite most commonly being consumed like beer, cider and perry in fact has more in common with wine in terms of bot...

5 Delicious Cider Ice Lollies for boozy Summer Fun!

Cider ice lollies are the perfect adults-only treat for a hot summer's day. But how do you make these ice lollies at ...

9 of the Best Cider Bars in Bristol

Bristol is without doubt the UK’s official cider capital. If you love your cider, there is nothing quite like visitin...

"Cider Goes Cyber!" at South West Cider Week!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s unfortunately going to be quite some time before the cider community organises ...

10 of the Best Cider Gifts for Dad

Fathers Day is just around the corner, so get everything sorted nice and early!  We know that dads can be difficult...

Is Cider Better for the Planet?

Go Green - drink cider.  Mash up some apples, squeeze the juice out, barrel it up then just leave it. Cider is just a...

UK Cider Needs You!

These are unprecedented times... a phrase I think I’ve heard more in the last two weeks, than my entire life up till ...

Cider Marketplace - Supporting UK Cider Makers

In the past few weeks it is evident that more than ever we all need to pull together, and do all we can to support ea...

10 Top Cideries for Every Style of Drinker

Think you know cider? Think again! 2020 is the dawn of a new decade for cider's resurgence into the public domain as ...
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