Junes Discovery Box Tasting Notes

Junes Discovery Box Tasting Notes

Crafty Nectar June Tasting Notes - 3 Box and 6 Box

Crafty Nectar No.7 - 5.1% ABV

The World's 1st Crowd-sourced Cider. 

We wanted to make the world's best craft cider. We didn't want to do it by ourselves so we listened and learned what you love to drink and put it into this can.

Crafty Nectar No.7 is the perfect blend of complexity, character, and body. Craft sourced by cider lovers! Meet the world's tastiest cider.....we didn't say it you did!

Made with a mix of Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey, Somerset Redstreak and Yarlington Mill apples, this cider is medium, mellow and sparkling.



Laycocks Cider - Admiral Sparkling Blend Cider 6.5% ABV

Admiral Blend is Laycocks Cider flagship lightly sparkling cider; blended with a secret mix of apples and based on an old, traditional recipe, it’s a real smoothie with warming overtones and a subtle smokey hint.

Best enjoyed in a traditional earthenware pint jug served at room temperature, for an authentic experience!

Laycock Cider is a traditional handcrafted cider, made using a variety of cider apples, producing a refreshing crisp and smooth flavour.


Ridge & Furrow  - Medium 5% ABV

Ridge & Furrow medium is a fresh, lightly sparkling, craft cider, made in small batches from 100% cider apple juice from their wildlife friendly orchards.

All of their award winning ciders are handcrafted using the artisan method of arrested fermentation, induced by multiple rackings and aided by using apples from a mature unfertilised orchard. This ensures a gentle fermentation, which produces a well-balanced cider that retains some of the apples natural sweetness. No water or sugar is added.

The Ridge & Furrow orchard is thought to date back to at least the 1890’s. It has been restored to former glories since the 1970’s and has over 30 traditional West Country cider apple varieties including Kingston Black, Dabinett, Sweet Coppin and Yarlington Mill.


Wise Owl Cider - Screecher  5% ABV

Richard and Paula Wise take pride in selection & pressing quality apples from local orchards to make light and flavoursome award winning cider. 

However on this occasion they have branched out away from the usual Kentish apples and have turned their hand to West Country Cider apples. A medium dry west country cider with a eastern counties twist.


The Big Bear Cider Mill - Essex Gold Rush 5.4% ABV

Established in 2015 The Big Bear Cider Mill’s mission is to turn beautiful apples in amazing cider. Essex’s orchards were ripped up in the 1960’s and 1970’s to make way for gravel pits, the gravel was known as Essex gold, that's where they get the name from. They have transformed the gravel pits into flourishing orchards.

Essex Gold rush is a clear, golden sparkling eastern counties cider with a clean crisp green apple taste.


Ascension Cider - Eclosion 2020 - Discovery 7.1% ABV

Their mission is simple: Fly high and make the best cider they possibly can. You can find them in an old apple store on an orchard in Sussex.

All of the apples that go into their ciders have been rejected by supermarkets for not fitting their beauty standards. Ascension takes these tasty fruits and helps them reach their full potential.

The Discovery apple is one of the Eastern Counties' favourite apples. Red berries flood in on the nose and palate, rounded by refreshing acidity, ending with a wonderfully aromatic and dry finish.

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