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Cider Foundation Course - Online

This unique Beer & Cider Academy training opportunity is brought to you by Gabe Cook - The Ciderologist - the world authority on cider education.

This fun and informative six hour training is delivered over two sessions and is a must for all cider fans.

We're pleased to team up with Crafty Nectar to give you the opportunity to take part in this essential cider training from your own living room.

Whats involved?

Participants will learn about how the choice of apple variety and the cider making techniques used will impact upon the style and flavour profile of the resulting cider. Exponents of major cider styles will be tasted and analysed and suggestions offered of how to pair them with different foods. This will equip participants with the skills to communicate knowledgeably about cider with customers, consumers, friends and family and will enhance your professional status in the cider sector.

Course objectives

To develop delegate's:

✔️ Appreciation of cider's background

✔️ Knowledge of families, major styles & flavour distinctions

✔️ Enhanced passion for cider

✔️ Matching with food and pairing concepts

Course benefits

Which enables them to:

✔️ Make more informed choices

✔️ Become an advocate for the cider category

The essential course for everyone building a career in the cider sector which will provide delegates with the vital tools for career advancement


A fun, enlightening and educational day

James Finch, The Cider Critic

“Think you know cider? Come and test your knowledge, you’ll be surprised. A comprehensive whistle stop grounding in the world of cider and what it has to offer. Varieties, styles, production and how to get the most out of your tasting experience. All with the background of sampling some fantastic ciders and food pairings curated by The Ciderologist himself. A fun, enlightening and educational day...5 stars” 

opened my eyes to the incredible diversity & versatility of cider

Rich Yarnell, M&B Category Manager Beer & Cider

“As someone who has worked in the trade for many years, I thought I had a decent grasp on cider – that was until I attended the Cider Foundation Course.  This brilliant one day course opened my eyes to the incredible diversity and versatility of cider as both a drink to enjoy on its own, and also as a great accompaniment to food.  I left having a renewed passion for the category, feeling much more confident in my cider knowledge and more able to engage with both colleagues and customers on these fantastic drinks.”

I now have a new appreciation for British cider!

Laura, Founder & CEO Sxollie Cider

"As a cider producer myself, I thought I knew a lot about cider. However, I decided to embark on the Cider Foundation Course with the Beer and Cider Academy to find out more about British ciders with the end goal of becoming a Pommelier to add to my credentials. I found the foundation course to be much more interesting than I had bargained for. The course was excellent; Gabe is witty, passionate and unbiased with a genuine love of all ciders - a rare talent. I learned a great deal about the various flavour profiles that exist within cider, but more importantly I learned to appreciate the craftsmanship in making some of the more unusual ciders which beforehand I had dismissed as tasting like "feet" or the "wet dog". I now have a new appreciation for British cider!"

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