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Crafty Nectar Cider Tasting Experience


Do you want to offer your friends or family a cider tasting experience like no other?

Then look no further than Crafty Nectars very own Craft Cider Tasting Experience. 
We will take you on journey so that you can experience cider in its entirety, from Keeved Ciders, Barrelled Ages Cider, Fruit Ciders, Ice Ciders and more. 
During the cider-tasting experience you’ll learn about the cider-making process, different cider-making regions, fruit varieties and some common things to look out for such as tannins, acidity and blending.
On top of all of this we will pair each cider with locally sourced award winning cheeses and charcuterie.
If this sounds like something you would be interested get in touch and shoot us a quick email with your details to


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