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At Crafty Nectar, our aim is to seek out unique and heritage rich ciders and perries made with reverence to the terroir and orchard; drinks with a story behind them.

With the Fine Cider Club you can discover wild fermented Natural Ciders, Pét-nat, Single Varieties, Méthod Traditionelle (made like champagne), Keeved (naturally sweeter), Perry, and fun and funky Co-ferments.

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July's Summer Sizzler Box is selling fast! ☀️🍏🍻with some saying it's our best box yet! ⠀ ⠀ Don't miss out and order now for the weekend delivery.... ⠀ ⠀ 1. Ridge & Furrow Sweet Cider (5%) - Naturally sweet , fresh and lightly sparkling, this craft cider is made in small batches from 100% cider apple juice. Made using arrested fermentation induced by multiple rackings. These processes ensure a gentle fermentation which produces a well-balanced cider that retains some the apples natural sweetness. ⠀ ⠀ 2. Lyne Down Roaring Meg Medium (5.2%) - Roaring Meg is crafted from 100% apple juice pressed from handpicked apples grown in a traditional organic orchard in south Herefordshire. Refreshing, clear and well balanced this cider is packed full of flavour, with a lovely rich fruity aroma. ⠀ ⠀ 3. The Newt - Somerset Redstreak Cyder (6.4%) - Pressed on October 9th 2018 this cyder was the very first batch created at the Newts Cydery. The Somerset Redstreak is a bittersweet apple with soft tannin. The cyder is cold-fermented from 100% juice, resulting in a fine quality, well balanced, medium cyder.⠀ ⠀ 4. Nightingale's Wild Disco Cider (5.5%) - Wild Disco is rooted in an impulse and something unexpected. A sparkling medium-dry cider made from 100% wild-fermented Kentish Discovery apple juice. With a floral, red apple and rose aromas. Fresh and zingy on the palate with a clean finish. Go Wild!⠀ ⠀ 5. Beardspoon Undercider'd (6.5%) - Camra's Kent cider of the year 2019 this cider is handmade in low quantities using wild yeasts. Apples that go into this badboy is a mixture of Discovery, Bramley and Russet.⠀ ⠀ 6. Stones Cider Dabinett Single Variety (5.5%) - Stones Cider is a small, artisan cider producer ran by father and son, Alan and Richard Stone from their garden shed in Shepton Mallet. Pressed in the autumn, their cider is naturally fermented taking as long as the ambient temperature takes.

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100% fruit, not-from-concentrate

So many different apple varieties, and also that cider can be as diverse as wine. Often hand-picked tree ripened apples, crushed, then fermented. Voila!
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Minimum intervention & wild fermentation

Letting nature do its work. That's fermentation with wild, indigenous yeasts that are generally on the apple skin or in the cider barn.
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Taste & Terroir

Just like grapes that make great wine, these raw ingredients have a terroir – a unique set of characteristics related to climate, soil conditions, and farming practices that translate to unique characteristics and flavor profiles. This is true for apples too.
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Premium Quality

Fine cider recommended sharing between friends in a 750ml bottle as “people want to drink less, but better.” Fine cider is packaged and branded, with high quality labels, bringing it closer to wine, demanding greater respect for the product similar to many fine wines.
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Fine Cider Heritage

Fine cider was once valued higher regard than fine wine or champagne in the 17th and 18th centuries, when it was drunk by the aristocracy from cider flutes. The diarist John Evelyn described cider as the ‘Native Wine of England' and should be held pride of place at any Stately home dining table.
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