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Mead is alcohol fermented from honey. Beautiful Honey, that’s natural and pure and good. It's one the the worlds oldest alcoholic drinks, surrounded by myth, mystique and heritage.

Mead is perfectly balanced with floral and herbal notes and eminently drinkable. Natural, full of flavour and best shared like it has been for centuries with friends, fun and laughter. It’s sparkling glass of golden bubbles.

Mead is having a renaissance and crafty nectar are here to bring you the #MeadRevolution


it all starts with blossom

Just like cider, mead has different styles and it's all done to the nectar in the flowers. Honey tastes completely different depending on the climate, terroir and flowers the bees have been exploring. Bees drinking an orange blossom will produce delicious citrussy notes while a bee that lives around heather produce will produce distinct floral and complex aromas. We love the variation in the flavour and the real sense of place you get from drinking mead.


discover old english heritage

Dating back to the Bronze Age in Europe, mead is one of the oldest known beverages, drunk throughout history for rituals and celebrations. Enticingly sweet with a hint of spice, it is the perfect accompaniment to spicy food and delicious with strong cheeses and biscuits

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