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Ultimate Craft Cider Advent Calendar

Our carefully selected cider advent calendar showcases award-winning ciders from passionate producers

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Our carefully selected cider advent calendar showcases award-winning ciders from passionate producers. All ciders are made by traditional cider makers with real stories from 100% fresh-pressed juice and are not available in supermarkets. All ciders are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and have no nasty additives or flavourings.

We will only be making 250 of these so pre-order now so you don't miss out.

The Craft Cider Advent Calendar will be delivered in a discreet brown box, dispatched on November 25.

Included in the UK's first craft cider advent calendar:

  ✔️24 award-winning craft ciders from the UK’s finest producers such as Tom Oliver, Perry's cider & Dunkertons
✔️Interactive tasting notes 
✔️Producer ratings and reviews

24 ciders, 24 days of discovery. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ross Savill
Lovely Cider Selection - Box Needs Tweaking

Loved the diverse mix of ciders in the box, great way to uncover new ciders. Only note will be to say the box needs some work for next year, all the doors opened half way between two rows of ciders so was a struggle to get some ciders out and sometimes confusing on which cider to take out, need to be lined up properly for next year. Also the doors were difficult to open and tended to take off chunks of the front around it - later into the month the front was kind of just a torn mess. Also the cover design was a bit confusing, there were arrows on some numbers pointing to different doors, but you still opened the number of the day because its advent right! Despite all that I really enjoyed the ciders and the idea and will likely buy again in December this year, I hope to hear news that the box design has been worked on and improved though. 👍

Rachael Howes
Advent Calendar

Great early Christmas present for the other half. Perfect way to discover a variety of craft ciders out there and will be ordering a few in now having tried them! Only negative would be that the advent calendar numbered holes didnt align to the bottle beneath it so some days you opened the advent door and you were in the middle of 2 bottles if you get what I mean. So not exactly a a strong negative, the ciders are the main part and they're superb, just a packaging design error.

Deanne Rogers

Every cider has been a delight!

Gordon Hart
Excitedly counting down the days

This is great product - I ve even tried Italian cider because of it which I didn’t know existed!

Simon Nicholls
Great cider every time

I'm one week into this advent calendar, and so far it's been consistently very good every day. Would recommend.

£5 For you, £5 For them

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