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Our Cider Manifesto

Gone are the days of tasteless and faceless cider brands. Here at crafty nectar we pride ourselves on getting the best craft ciders from across the UK into the hands of our exclusive club members.

You won't see any drab mainstream ciders anywhere in our cider boxes, we are all about the juice content and quality rather than the pureness of the water that goes into them. We scour the UK to find the most exciting cider brands out there, and it couldn't be simpler for you to get involved. Join us on our craft cider revolution.

We promise you:

√ Exclusive, Artisan Craft Ciders

√ Hand Selected By Experts

√ No concentrates and artificial flavourings

√ Vegan & Gluten Free


“ Crafty Nectar Have the Knowledge and Passion for Real Cider and Are Integral to Craft Producers Like Us in Getting the Word Out" (Rory, Cotswold Cider Co)


Crafty Nectar are revolutionising the cider market. Bringing an old world into the 21st century new tech & ideas and bold, innovative cider makers!

As featured in


"featuring the cream of the crop, sourced from South Wales to Somerset"


"the ciders were exceptional"


"exciting and exquisite craft ciders"


"Good Food Champions 2021"

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