12 of the Best Subscription Boxes for Men

One of the newest trends to catch on is the subscription box and there is a huge growth in subscription boxes for men.

The idea behind these is that you take on a monthly subscription payment, and each month, in return you get a box of goodies. The contents of the box are tailored to the specific genre of the company, and each month you get a new box with a variety of new items to enjoy.

This idea has gained in popularity as it combines the idea of a constant supply of items for your interest, with the surprise factor of a present, as you never know quite what you will find inside each box.

There are subscription boxes for a wide variety of interests, but here are our picks of the very best subscription boxes for men available today.

1. Beer 52

If you love your craft beers, then this is definitely the subscription service for you. Beer 52 uses the expert knowledge of its people to provide you with a box full of wonderful beer. Acting like a craft beer ‘discovery club’, each box contains one bottle of 8 different beers per month.

In addition to the regular 8 bottles of beer you get each month, you can purchase add-ons if you wish, including bar snacks, cigars and craft spirits. With all of that you can have a complete pub in your own house if you wanted!

At £24 per month the price makes the bottles a great deal on their own, and the add-ons are also well priced, overall great value and an interesting concept to explore the craft beer market. Subscription boxes for men don’t come more manly than a Beer52 box.

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2. Pact

Coffee lovers rejoice, Pact has arrived. What you get each week, or fortnight, is a batch of freshly roasted coffee beans custom roasted by Pact for its customers. You can opt for the whole bean if you prefer to grind yourself, or they can grind them for you, tailored to how you will be using them.

You receive your bag of coffee within a week of roasting, so you get the freshest beans possible, and you can really taste that difference. You can choose different types of coffee each 7 or 14 day period, and you can pause your account when you need, for maximum convenience.

At £6.95 per bag of coffee, it is surprisingly good value compared to buying gourmet coffee over the counter, and the taste is remarkable.

Visit Pact Now!

3. The Chapar

Who has time to constantly shop for new, unique and on trend clothes? Its difficult, or at least it was. Now we have The Chapar, this one is completely free to sign up to and a personal stylist will build an individual style profile to suit you. The stylist then sends you two boxes, known as trunks, full of the latest on trend cloths that fit your style profile. They are all high quality, and to stop your style getting stale, they add in a few extra items to help your style evolve.

After that, you simply pick out what you like and pay for them, a courier picks up the rest and takes them back. A great idea for our busy lives. Subscription boxes for men that love the finer things in life!

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4. Hello Fresh

Have you ever met anyone who likes wandering around the supermarket looking for something different? Nor us, and Hello Fresh obviously feel the same way. Rather than looking up a recipe, then spending a couple of hours finding ingredients, Hello Fresh deliver a box full of fresh, high quality ingredients to make 3 distinct meals, for which you get the recipes too on nice cards that can be used to make a complete library of new meals.

At £39 a week for a box that makes three meals for two people, it’s a great way to really broaden your cooking horizons.

Visit Hello Fresh Now!

5. The Great British Meat Company
The Great British Meat Company

Another food company, and this is one we thought we would never see. Buying meat online. This is a bit more than mail order meat though, it’s more like your own personal butcher, and the quality of meat is exceptional. All meat is British sourced, whether beef, pork, lamb or poultry, and your selections are cut to order just for you, every time.

Boxes can be tailored for an event, such as a barbecue box, a single meat cut in bulk, for instance several rump steaks or chicken breast, as well as individual cuts for things like a Sunday roast.

The price per box depends on what is in it, but for a very convenient way of getting the highest quality meat in the cuts you want, this is the perfect option. Subscription boxes for men that are true carnivores!

Visit Great British Meat Company Now!

6. Pong

Still with the food boxes, Pong gets its unusual name as a glib pointer of the contents of its boxes. What Pong provides for you for the £28 per month is a box containing one kilo of a selection of gourmet cheese. Over 150 different cheese varieties are on offer, from Britain, Spain, France and Italy, providing you with a cheese selection far greater than any supermarket can provide.

If you love your cheese, Pong gives you a wonderful journey of discovery through the various cheeses that are available across Europe.

Visit Ping Now!

7.  Nudo

Nudo is something a bit special, and we think unique. For your £32 per quarter, Nudo offers you the adoption of an olive tree in Italy. In return, each quarter you receive three, 500ml bottles of extra virgin olive oil from your tree delivered to you, as well as a 20% discount on any other Nudo products you wish to purchase. They also encourage you to visit your tree if you are in the area.

It is a novel concept, but the oil itself is of genuinely high quality and it really is a wonderful arrangement for food lovers. subscription boxes for men who love. Subscription boxes for men who value their health; extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats.

Visit Nudo Now!

8. Close Shave Society

Buying razors is never top of our list, probably not yours either, but with the close shave society you never have to deal with the blunt blade problem again. Prices start at just £4 per month, and for that they deliver four new blade cartridges to your door, so you always have a fresh, sharp blade when you need one. When you start your subscription, they send you a razor handle for the cartridges free too. There is a choice of different blades depending on the style you prefer, and even an option for women specific blades too.

Simple idea, but brilliant anyway.

Visit Close Shave Society Now!

9. William Curley

If you have something of a sweet tooth, this is definitely one you will enjoy. William Curley charges you £90 for three months membership, and for that you get to be part of their chocolate club. That’s right, a club for chocolate. You get a great selection of their famous and delicious chocolate bars, along with truffles, shortbread, marshmallows, tailored to the season at hand.

Perfect for always having something a little special for guests, presents for younger ones or just a treat for yourself at the end of a hard week, William Curley is a chocolate lovers dream.

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10. The Gent’s Pack

The Gent’s Pack brings you something useful, new underwear and some additional lifestyle products each and every month. While the exact box contents vary depending on the grooming products that are included, each box contains a pair of pants and some socks.

Now, that is a job saved, and well worth the £20 on its own for us, but the grooming products do add value, they have a survey system that helps tailor the grooming products to your needs, and overall it’s a very professional, high quality service that we think works very well. Quality subscription boxes for men who want to look after their package!

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11. Willougby Book Club
subscriptio- boxes-for-men

Who hasn’t ended up with a long journey ahead and a hastily bought, but dire, book to read? Well, you can avoid that with the Willoughby Book Club. They have a range of themed book subscriptions, such as children’s books or cookery club, and have a survey system in place to ensure they send you something that suits your taste. Prices vary depending on the type of book you choose, and additionally, they will donate a new book to Book Aid on your behalf for each subscription.

A great way to build up your own, varied and interesting library. Visit Willoughby Book Club Now!

12. Crafty Nectar Cider Subscription
subscription -boxes-for-men

If you’re wanting the taste of the West Country then Crafty Nectar is for you. Receive a range of different craft ciders, from local producers delivered to your door each month. Snack, recipe cards and tasting cards included. Each month is a wonderful surprise of the best cider from around the UK.

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Have you tried any of these Subscription boxes for men? Which was your favourite? Please let us know in the comments below

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