5 Reasons to Join a Cider Subscription this Summer

5 Reasons to Join a Cider Subscription this Summer: If you haven’t signed up just yet for a cider subscription, then here are some good reasons why you should make the plunge this summer!

1 Explore Regions.

Crafty Nectar gives you the opportunity to discover cider from the UK’S top cider producing regions- not just the West country. We have had ciders from all over the UK in out monthly boxes: from Hallets in Wales, Thistly Cross Cider in Scotland, Farmer Fear in Nottinghamshire and Long Meadow Cider in Ireland. Discover ciders that you might never of had the opportunity before and make this summer the summer of discovery.


2 Flexible Subscription.

Signing up to a subscription doesn’t mean you’re tied down! Some people like their club boxes monthly, some quarterly we allow the flexibility to choose. You can sign up for a monthly program and cancel anytime, or a fixed program and save up to 15% by paying upfront. (From 1 to 12 months) putting you in charge of how frequently you want a ‘Cider Injection.’ So why not sign up and see how you like it, a cider subscription is the perfect addition to summer!


3 Tasting Notes.

As part of your subscription we provide you with monthly tasting notes, giving you a background of the cider producer, as well as a summary of the tasting notes so you know exactly what you are receiving and what to expect. As well as giving you the opportunity to compare and contrast the differences. Not only does this allow you to gain a comprehensive overview of what you’re receiving but allows you the opportunity to show off the cider connoisseur in you to all your friends.


4 ) Summer ready.

Summer is the perfect time to host gatherings, and what better way to kick off the summer than hosting cider tastings,share with others, and perhaps convert some of your friends.Why not impress your friends by bringing your range of real craft ciders from across the uk to all those summer bbqs, much more satisfying than the fake ciders found in the supermarket. They are sure to be impressed with your unique range of offerings that Crafty Nectar provides you with!

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5) Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Cider is made out of apples. Apples are fruit. Try all the varieties and you’re way over your five a day. It also has a range of benefits such as having antioxidants. Research indicates that a half-pint of cider contains the same level of antioxidants as a glass of red wine.What better way to enjoy summer than by drinking a delicious cider safe in the knowledge it’s good for you, no feeling guilty this summer with our offerings!


And if the 5 reasons above aren’t enough to convince you, why not think about the ease of having a range of ciders delivered to your door, ready for those hot summer days, you never know when one might hit and crafty nectar allows you to be prepared, allowing you to kick back and enjoy!



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