Cider of the Month: Little Pomona – Feat of Clay 2015 Vintage

7.2% ABV Dry Cider made in Herefordshire

Little Pomona Cider was set up by James and  Susanna Forbes in 2014 in northern Herefordshire. The company was called “Little Pomona” after the roman goddess of fruit trees and Orchards. Three years on they are launching their first cider and they have a number of others still maturing in the wings.

All of Little Pomona’s ciders are fermented naturally using the wild yeastings in the air and they are firm believers that cider should not have any added water, sugar or additional yeasts.

Feat of Clay is a 2015 vintage dry cider and is a mixture of juice from Dabinett, Egremont Russet, Harry Masters Jersey, Foxwhelp and Ellis Bitter. The cider is bottled unfiltered and unpasteurised and left as natural as possible.

Taste wise this cider is still, bone dry and tangy. It has been built around its acid structure rather than its tannins. It possesses plenty of nectarine and citrus fruit flavours and the tannins are ripe and silky. It’s a serious cider that’s fresh and very wine like.

Unlike Little Pomona who suggest serving the cider at a cool temperature, we believe this cider is best-served ice cold as it will help you appreciate this cider at its best and stops you being overwhelmed the complexity of the ciders body.
A beautiful cider from a beautifully natural cider maker.

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