Cider of the Month: No Brainer from The Cotswold Cider Company

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Crafty Nectar Cider of the Month: No Brainer from The Cotswold Cider Company

4.8% ABV, 100% Juice and made in the Cotswold’s

The Cotswold Cider Company is one that we have known for a while now at Crafty Nectar, not only for great tasting cider but also for exceptional branding and innovative ideas when it comes to cider making. Their repertoire included ciders designed to go with curry to a rare method champeniose cider.

With No Brainer, however, they go back to basics, creating a sparkling cloudy cider that really packs a punch. At 4.8%abv this cider offers a mix of earthy apple flavours along with bittersweet notes and then you get this clean crisp dry finish.

Without wanting to sound too hipster and cliché No Brainer really does represent the hallowed group of great session drinks. It’s rare to find a dry cider with such a low ABV that offers such a complex and fruity taste that is enjoyable to drink. 

Big up to the Cotswold Cider Company for not compromising with this one, it’s a keeper! 

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