Cider of the Month: Tempted Cider’s Hand Crafted Medium Cider

Crafty Nectar Cider of the Month: Tempted Cider’s Hand Crafted Medium Cider

5.4% ABV, 100% Juice and made in Ireland.

Tempted Cider was established by Davy Uprichard and his family in 2009 and are based in the heart of Irish cider making in Armagh. Davy started producing cider using the skills he learned while making wine with his father Jimmy and by 2011 Tempted cider had won a Gold Award at the National Irish Food awards and they have gone on to win a national award every year since.


All of Tempted Ciders apples come from the next door neighbours orchards and they use a mixture of bittersweets and dessert apples, but most importantly the Armagh Bramley apple which gives their cider that sharp and clean taste.

Tempted medium dry cider is an absolute joy to drink! This cider has a generous proportion of bittersweet cider apples at its core. Tempted then take this mellow juice and blend it with dessert apples to give it a fruity nose. Real depth of flavour and a long smooth finish gives you a cider that should not be missed.


Being a medium dry you expect a cider to be well rounded and this is definitely the case we scored it pretty much a 3.5 out of five for almost every aspect of our tasting sheets. From limpidity, brilliance and intensity to sweetness and tannins its medium by name and medium by nature.

It’s how a cider should taste and it’s a testament to Davey and the tempted cider makers, thank you for lightening up the month of March.

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