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Our craft cider of the week featured in this month’s subscription box, with two of their ciders making an appearance (Top O the Hill Cider and Hunny Bubble Light Sparkling Cider) Hand-selected by our experts, Dorset Nectar is a brand we are keen for all of you to discover.

Founders and Owners of Dorset Nectar, Oliver and Penny fell into cider making almost by accident; Oliver is an international metal sculptor who, in 2006 needed a barn outside of a village to craft his sculptures, this barn happened to have 3000 prime cider apple trees under a Gaymers contract usefully attached. They began making a small amount of cider right away. With a passion for crafting something new, innovation and a history of engineering, horticulture and working on the land Oliver and Penny threw themselves at the orchards. However once finding the contract would never work, Penny asked if they could send less apples to Gaymers; they said “all or nothing”, so with the help of their five children they quit the contract and began making cider commercially.


They use only the best quality apples from their own orchards and local growers who have a great understanding and reputation for quality

Dorset Nectar’s cider is naturally fermented from 11 varieties of West Country cider apples grown on their family run farm,from Brown’s apples to Dabinett, Coate Jerseys, Michelin, Tremletts Bitters, Taylor’s, Chesil Jerseys, Sweet Coppin, Harry Master’s Jersey, Yarlington Mills and Porter’ Perfection to name a few.


The sun ripened apples are whole crushed and pressed at the orchard’s cider barn near Bridport, then patiently nurtured to create a smooth, delicious cider that is fruity in taste and bursting with flavour.

Now producing 10 different ciders, Dorset cider are going from strength to strength, winning many local and prestigious awards year on year crafting new cider blends and always trying something new.We had the pleasure of hosting two of their excellent ciders in this months box.


Top O the Hill Cider is a spectacular cider, at 5% it is a medium dry cider, crisp, rich, with a good nose and excellent spirit, this cider for those that like ciders on the drier end of the spectrum.


Honey Bubble Light Sparking Cider the second Dorset Nectar cider in this months box is a twist on traditional cider, this refreshing sweet cider has a light sparkle and you’ve guessed it a dash of real Dorset honey. Lightly sparkling this cider comes in at 3.8%, we would definitely recommend every cider lover give this one a shot.

We cant wait to see what Dorset Nectar come up with next!





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